Spectacular Hotel Gotham – Manchester

Words and Photos by Luke Williams @stanleydru

Feature image courtesy of Hotel Gotham

Since the freedom parties of 2021 and the release of the covid shackles, we have officially been allowed to make up for a year sat in captivity and BOY have I done some making up!

After staring at my own four walls for the last twelve months, it has been incredible to stare at someone else’s for a change, especially the opulent and unique walls belonging to the spectacular Hotel Gotham, which is situated in Manchester City Centre.

If like me you adore unique hotels with plenty of character, then look no further than Hotel Gotham. It was once the former premises of Midland Bank, which was designed in the art deco style by Edwin Lutyens in 1928. Standing out in all its neoclassical glory, Gotham stands out like a sore thumb, but for all the right reasons- since celebrating difference is what Hotel Gotham does best.

The hotel is also infamous because of the 2010 discovery of jewellery, gold and legendry mix tapes found in the buildings safety deposit boxes which once belonged to the bank. The find hit national headline news and adds to the hotels colourful past and theatrical presence in Manchester- talking of theatrical, let’s talk about the rooms.

Every room has something gorgeous to offer, whether it’s the eye-catching neoclassical décor, the soft furnishings; like the faux fur throws, or the unique light fittings and props which all nod to the building’s previous history.

Whatever your budget you will certainly enjoy a room full of character and interest. However, if money is not an option, then the Inner Sanctum Suit is a MUST.  Nestled within the core of the building (apparently nestled amongst the old vaults of the old bank), the suits have a ‘wonderwall’ projection screen, a signature emperor-sized featherbed, vintage suitcases, buckled belts and hat boxes that will transport you back to the golden age of travel. The suites are decadent and beautiful, which reflects in the £1000 a night price-tag, pricy, but if you’ve got it then why not enjoy a night of lavish luxury in the core of this historical building.  

Once you have explored the rooms, you might want a delicious cocktail in the gorgeous swanky; ‘Bar Brass’.  Here you will find some incredible views of the city below and a menu bursting with the most amazing cocktails.  If like me you manage to sample one too many cocktails (believe me, it is hard to resist), then you will need some delicious food to settle your head, so head down to ‘Honey’ restaurant where your dinner comes served with the best views of the city below, it really is a sight to behold.

If you are looking for a hotel stay like no other, one which is unique, theatrical, opulent and with a vibrant past, then look no further than Hotel Gotham, plus it helps that its central location makes it easy to stroll along to any of the main city landmarks. The only drawback would be the Vivienne Westwood store, which is located directly opposite. I mean, it’s dangerously hard not to buy everything in sight, however, if you decide to splurge, then the Gotham’s very own bellboys will happily look after your purchases or take them straight to your room, allowing you take a stroll around the city bag free – see, how could you possibly resist? 

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