Reasons to Visit Rotterdam This Summer

Let me tell you why Rotterdam needs to be on your list this Summer. Big things are happening in this artsy, industrious city and they are coming together to make this the perfect city getaway destination.

By July 2024 you will be able to surf a barrel wave in the centre of Rotterdam! Rif010 will be opening in the heart of city making it the first city centre wave machine in the world! The experience centre will feature the surf pool, you can take scuba lessons here, or rent canoes or SUPs to explore Rotterdam by the water.

You will not believe how close Rif010 is to Markthal. This iconic, architectural phenomenon will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The food hall features cuisines from all around the world.  It is reasonably priced, clean and easy to navigate with plenty of eat-in restaurants as well as traditional street food options such Kroket and Stroopwaffle.

After a surf and a bite to eat you will be only a few metres walk from the quirky, yellow Cube Houses which are fun and unbelievably 40 years old this year. This combination of art and function is indicative of the culture in Rotterdam and a must see when visiting.

Whilst staying in Rotterdam, a visit to neighbouring town Schiedam is an absolute must. The contrast from brutalist buildings to quaint, traditional houses is astonishing, especially as it only takes 15 minutes to travel there by water taxi or 20 minutes by cab.

Schiedam is home to the world’s tallest windmills; they were responsible for grinding and storing materials to produce Genever (Dutch Gin or even better known as Dutch Courage). Gin as we know it today, has been derived of this traditional product.

Seeing Schiedam by open top boat is a beautiful way to spend the afternoon or if you love food and drink there is a plethora of passionate artisan business with tours available. You could visit De Bonte Koe Chocolate to see, smell and taste their hand made chocolates, or pop by the Serious Bee Distillers for a gin making workshop.

Rotterdam is a city to be explored and interacted with. A superb example of this is Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen; an art storage facility which is in fact art itself. The huge, reflective structure draws you in. Currently inside it houses a presentation of works called Beloved, which are favourite art works selected by the public. You can also take a guided tours explaining how the art is stored which are included in the ticket price.

There is something for everyone in this vibrant city and this summer in Rotterdam will be one to remember.

Review and Images by Emmie Blower @emmiebhungry

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