Estonia is Waiting to be Discovered

The world is a never ending playground of discovery, and we do love it when we can introduce you to a country you have probably never considered visiting.

Ladies and Gentlemen we give you…..Estonia – the cool alternative beach destination! It’s not just about beaches though, Estonia is truly a European gem. This unspoiled, unique and underrated Baltic country is a must visit.

There are over 2000 islands, most of which are uninhabited, making them the perfect getaway. The isolation of these island has preserved Estonia’s traditional lifestyle giving visitors the opportunity to get a glimpse of how Estonians used to live before the modern age.

This is the only Baltic country with a deep-rooted and extensive island culture. Estonian islands tend to be rural, with some still holding traces of their local Viking and medieval legacy.

Known for its medieval architecture and beautiful natural scenery, this small country has five national parks, stunning stretches of coastline, and countless charming towns and cities to visit.

Estonia’s expansive coastline, many islands and idyllic lakes offer a cooler alternative beach destination. There’s a pleasant average air temperature of 21’C in summer, making the beaches perfect for families, resort-lovers and adventure-seekers.

Visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls in unspoilt nature along the coastlines, take a refreshing dip, or take part in many water activities such as kitesurfing, surfing, canoeing or kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and windsurfing.  

How about a night or two in Tallinn, the capital and most populous city of Estonia. Followed by a few days out in the forest for a little immersion in nature / spa break.

It’s still warm until mid- September, so good for walks on the beautiful, expansive, natural and untouched beaches, walking in the forest and try a bit of wild swimming in a bog ( which are beautiful and refreshing).

October is a little darker and potentially rainy but perfect time for foodies to go foraging for berries and mushrooms, bear watching in the forest and sampling all the local seasonable produce as the range of Michelin recommended restaurants. Also a good time for cold swimming and saunas


It gets snowy from December and the Christmas Market starts mid-December, which perhaps coupled with a stay in a nature reserve in a stylish, uniquely designed cabin such as an Ood Mirror House or Maidla which has its own Michelin recommended restaurant. 

Some of the many beaches visitors to Estonia can enjoy are: 

Pirita beach

The biggest beach in Tallinn is in the suburb of Pirita, is popular with beachgoers from all over the city, and is only 6km from the city centre, so is easily accessible by bus. The beach has changing cabins, playgrounds for children and areas for ball games. In summer there is a beach bar, ten-pin bowling and kiosks. 

Stroomi beach 

Stroomi beach is a child-friendly, sand-covered swimming beach in the northwestern part of Tallinn. It has a large open cove and in the right conditions, it provides the perfect waves for learning to surf. The beach is a favourite for barbecues, picnics, and has its own changing cabins, lockers, and showers along with an open-air gym, two outdoor cafes, and a playground. Visitors can take a bus from the centre of Tallinn or make use of the bike tracks and explore the coast.  

Võsu beach

Võsu beach, in Lahemaa National Park, is home to one of the most popular sandy beaches in Estonia. Sun-lovers can play various ball games or work out in the outdoor gym, whilst children can swing and play at the nearby playground. During the summer, you can also buy drinks and snacks on the beach. The pretty seaside town of pastel-coloured wooden houses has a variety of places to stay from apartments and guest houses, just a few hundred metres from the beach. Also, it is located in the beautiful Lahemaa National Park offering plenty for the nature friendly traveller. 

Karepa beach

Karepa beach is located to the east of Tallinn and on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, with the nearest town being Kunda. The water is shallow, making it a safe destination for a family holiday. Karepa became a popular summer destination in the late 19th century and is also home to the house museum of the artist Richard Sagrits. 


Pärnu on Estonia’s west coast was voted the most sustainable destination of the Baltic Sea countries in 2020 and is the ultimate summer holiday destination, attracting holiday makers with its large sandy beach, numerous restaurants, cocktail bars, spas and a relaxed, laid back vibe. Expect long, white sandy beaches, shallow waters and “the best Sun in Estonia” with a beautiful beach promenade ideal for walking, cycling and roller skating with playgrounds, water fountains and play areas. Adventurous visitors can try water skiing, yachting, canoeing or kayaking down the Pärnu river to the open sea and nearby islets. 

Kuressaare beach on Saaremaa island

Kuressaare beach on Saaremaa island is one of the warmest sandy beaches in Estonia. Thanks to its low water level and the fact that the bay warms quickly, it is perfect for families with small children. The beach has toilets and changing cabins, and there is also a children’s playground where the little ones can have fun climbing, swinging, and playing in the sand, while parents can relax on the beach. 

Suurepaadi beach on Aegna island  

Suurepaadi beach on the island of Aegna and is about 2km from the harbour. Visitors will find a wide sandy beach that is perfect for swimming and relaxing, with designated camping areas that are equipped with wooden benches, campfire stations, and barbecue bases. It is the perfect place to spend a beach weekend and learn about the ship building industry and the harbours history with pirates.  

Narva-Jõesuu beach

Narva-Jõesuu beach is covered with fine sand and lined with a pine forest. It’s also well-known for its unique natural environment and is the longest beach in Estonia, running 7.5 km on the south shore of the Gulf of Finland. Visitors to the beach will be able to enjoy the comfort of a coastguard presence, a beach volleyball court, a playground for children, cabins, and showers. 

Paralepa beach 

Paralepa beach is located on the west coast of Estonia. Visitors can take a 20-minute stroll from the centre of Haapsalu to spend the day at this sandy beach with one of the warmest water temperatures in the country. The beach is equipped with shower and toilet cubicles, along with cabanas, a children’s playground, and sports courts.  

Lemme beach

Lemme beach in southern Estonia offers a beautiful natural beach with shores lined with lovely pebbles and a pine forest, which has been popular with locals and visitors for decades.  

Lake Verevi beach 

Located just south of Tartu in Elva, the warm waters of Lake Verevi and its beach offer a diving tower, beach volleyball courts, and a separate children’s swimming area. The Elva Sports Park, with several illuminated jogging tracks and the Elva City Stadium and tennis courts can be found nearby, with adventure enthusiasts able to test themselves in the Elva Adventure Park, where one trail slides across the lake – perfect for those after an active. 

Kauksi beach near Lake Peipus (Peipsi)

The northern shore of Lake Peipus, the fourth largest lake in Europe, is a popular holiday destination for its natural beauty, and Kauksi is one of the most beautiful and best-known beaches in the area. You can get to the beach of “singing sands”, which is several kilometres long, via a stairway over the dunes. You can play volleyball on the beach and children can enjoy the swings. Kauksi Resort Village is close by and offers drinks and snacks. Visitors can reach Lake Peipus via ‘The Onion Route’ – a trail which starts in Tartu with suggested visits to the museums of Old Believers and castles along the way with pitstops to sample the local cuisine and culture from onion braids to secret legends. 

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