6 Tips On How To Level-Up Your Next Staycation

With the tentative release of some lockdown aspects throughout the UK, the thrill of a holiday is imminent. While some places abroad have been ok-ed for travel, others are still firmly on the no-go list. To save yourself from waiting with bated breath for them to become available, take the time to explore the beautiful British Isles. 

Staycations are quickly becoming the biggest holiday fad. And for a good reason. Not only can they be explored freely, but they’re also cheaper, and there’s so much about the home turf that goes unnoticed. There’s something to be said about being complacent about your own surroundings, no matter how beautiful they might be. 

You still want that vacation buzz, but how do you do that when your holiday destination is little more than down the road? Can you still achieve ultimate holiday luxury status in a place you know? Use these staycation tips to take your holiday in the UK to the next level. And get all the vacation feels, no matter how close to home you are.

1. Get Exploring

Going abroad for many of us means going to a luxury hotel and spending most of the time relaxing in the sun around a vast pool. The luxury hotel is pretty easy to find in the UK. But finding the sun is less easy, so spending the day basking on the edge of a pool won’t be top of your to-do list. 

Don’t see this as a bad thing, though! The best thing about the UK is all the fantastic sights that are literally on your doorstep. And there are so many places that will transport you to different parts of the world. So when planning a staycation, make sure to explore everything around you. Do activities, get walking, hire a bike, just get out there and get your teeth into the local offerings. 

2. Have More Than One Destination

A lot of places in the UK will have one, maybe two, prominent tourist attractions. And you might find that you can get them well explored in a matter of days. Leaving you to spend the rest of your holiday wondering what to do and dreaming of warmer climates. 

To avoid this problem, have more than one final destination. Who said you could only go to one place on your British Isles holiday? The beauty of holidaying on home turf is that pretty much everything is easy to travel to and won’t cost you tonnes of money. 

3. Plan The Holiday Around A Particular Thing

If you’re uncertain about where to go or what bit of the UK to start with, try planning the trip around something specific. For instance, you could do a road trip around Cornwall, visiting all the National Trust beaches. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see the Forest of Dean, so you start, end, or stay there. 

Forest of Dean

Having something to plan the holiday around means you can use your time more effectively, and you can conserve a bit of cash while you’re at it. And you get to visit places that have been on your UK travel bucket list for too long. 

4. Take Advantage Of City Specific Events

Edinburgh Fringe
Edinburgh Fringe

This pretty much comes under the section of planning the holiday around a specific thing too. But this specific thing would be tied to a place. So you could go to Edinburgh for the Fringe. Maybe try the Taste Of London event where you get to sample all of the cities top restaurants. For the beer lovers, head to the Great British Beer Festival in Olympia, London. 

Planning around an event means you’ll always have something to keep you busy. And it might even become a yearly ritual if it’s a real success.

5. Turn Your Work Mind Off

When holidaying at home, it’s too easy to keep in touch with work. Because they could still get in touch if you need to. But keeping your work emails or calls coming is a quick way to making your trip turn into a working holiday.

Set an out-of-office as you usually would when you go abroad, get work calls diverted. And if that’s not enough, consider removing your work email from your phone (just for the holiday!)

6. Take Loads Of Photos

Going on holiday means taking tonnes of photographic memories. But how often do you do that when you’re in the UK? Taking more pictures of your staycation will make it feel like you’re abroad. And if you really want to stay authentic, buy a cheap disposable camera and get snapping. 

Not Sure Where To Go?

You’ve gotten all excited and are chomping at the bit to make your staycation dreams a reality. But you’re stuck on ideas of where to actually go? Here are some suggestions to whet your appetite and get your creative juices flowing.

Road Trip Around Wales

Wales doesn’t get enough attention for all the amazing sights and landscapes it has to offer. There’s everything you could wish for there; epic woodlands, rolling hills, mountains to climb, vibrant cities, and fantastic waterfalls that will transport you across the world. 

Taking a road trip means you can explore it all or focus on one area. The Brecon Beacons is the ideal spot to start because it has loads on offer for activities and is full of breathtaking landscapes.

Walking Holiday In Ben Nevis

See if you can take on the highest mountain in the UK by challenging yourself to hike Ben Nevis. But if you’re a walking novice, don’t be put off. There’s plenty of trails that are easier underfoot and still take advantage of everything the area has to offer.

If you’re in Scotland, why not try Private Guided Tours that are available there? You’ll get to see beautiful landscapes and might even get shown places that aren’t generally visited by tourists thanks to local knowledge. 

Cycle In The Peak District

There are miles of railway tracks that have been transformed into paths perfect for cycling in the Peak District. Have a leisurely staycation winding through them, taking in the fantastic sights. You can even end up in one of the many pubs the area has to offer. What’s not to love?

Plus, there are plenty of more demanding trails if mountain biking is your thing. Or you can pop down the bike for a day and try walking through the area. There’s so much on offer that no two days will feel the same. 

Fossil Hunting On The Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast

Head down to Devon and go on a hunt for history by seeking out some fossils. You’ll get the most of the beaches where the fossils can be found and take in the famous cliffs they come from.

The Jurassic Coast also offers picturesque villages and towns once you’ve walked along as many beaches as you can handle. Try Lyme Regis; it’s known as one of the most beautiful places in the UK.

Check Out The Viking Coast Trail

Ramsgate Tunnels

If local history is your thing, explore the Viking Coastal Trail. It’s situated on the Isle of Thanet, a peninsula at the most easterly point of Kent. There’s plenty of camping places, and Ramsgate makes a perfect spot to settle yourself.  The trail itself is full of interest, and there’s plenty to see and do as you make your way along. Try the Ramsgate Tunnels if you’re a history buff, catch the waves at Viking Bay if surfing your thing, or relax at the beautiful Botany Bay if you want to feel sand under your toes.


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