Fauna’s James Bond Style Super Spy Tech Glasses

So, you're looking for a new pair of reading glasses, but you want them to be multi-functional? Let us introduce you to Fauna.

If you were ever to launch a spy agency we’d highly recommend wearing a pair of Fauna Audio Glasses to get you started!

Words by Rachel McAlley

Fusing technology and fashion. Fauna Levia Black Audio Glasses are a pair of revolutionary audio glasses in lightweight design with powerful micro speakers. They protect your eyes from blue light emitted from screens while you enjoy your favourite music and phone calls.


Super on-trend for this season, the black-rimmed glasses are both stylish and durable. Main features include a DuraVision® BlueProtect Zeiss Lens front coating that shields your eyes from artificial blue light. Which, to be fair is most of the time these days; if you’re not on your mobile, you’re likely on a tablet, laptop or desktop. The BlueProtect has an anti-reflective coating, which guarantees optimal clarity. The audio glasses also have more than 99% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Because blue-violet light is everywhere the BlueProtect lenses filter that particular light at 440nm and below. This has a minor impact on your melatonin regulation and inner clock while providing beneficial protection from potential eye harm.

Fauna Audio Glasses


Fauna Audio Glasses give you the best hearing experience too, to assist you through the day. They sync by simply connecting through Bluetooth on your mobile device, where you can play music or answer your calls.

Each pair of Fauna Audio Glasses comes with a charging case and cable as standard. The glasses need to be in the case with the lid closed in order to charge properly, with the charging contacts touching the glasses. Once the glasses are charging you will hear “Fauna is on, Fauna is charging” – and you will know once charged because they will say “Great, Fauna is connected”. And, you’re good to go!


The box has everything you need inside in order to learn how to set up you Fauna Audio Glasses including; glasses, charging case, cable, glasses cleaning cloth, and full user guide and instructions along with a QR code to watch a brief video about how to set up and use your new Fauna glasses.

As an added extra there is a Fauna App, which can be downloaded onto your device. The App offers advice and has some interesting Active Whistles that you can set as daily reminders to do certain things like drink more water, straighten your back, or take a break from your desk.

We have been trialing the Fauna Audio Glasses in Levia Black for the past couple of weeks and like the fact that they help with reducing blue-violet light. But the absolute best feature is that we can listen to music without wearing headphones, earphones, or carrying our phone from room to room and we can take calls. Very James Bond!

Fauna’s James Bond Style Super Spy Tech Glasses, aka Fauna Audio Glasses are priced at £207.50, available from Wear Fauna

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