Data is the New Oil!

Data is the new oil, so that means it is a valuable asset and needs to be protected. If you own a small business or a budding start up and have not yet invested in a security system, it is about time to do so.

The simple fact of the matter is, a data breach is enough to put small businesses out of business, which clearly is something you should want to avoid. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there are many protocols, procedures and technologies you can put into place to protect your data. Let’s have a look at a few:

Encryption is Key

Data encryption

Without encryption, your data is vulnerable. If a hacker gains access, they can easily read the information without any hassle at all. The solution is to encrypt all your data. So that means that a hacker, devoid of an encryption key, is completely unable to read what you have stored. So even if you have a thumb drive or external drive stolen, the hacker is unable to access your valuable data.

Vulnerability Audit

Every system has vulnerable points, and it is in your best interest to know where they are. Without this information, you are unable to protect them. If you are a small business with no real IT security expertise, it may be a good idea to hire a professional to help you scan your network for vulnerabilities. However, you can also use vulnerability software which you can install and help you locate weak areas. 


Outsourcing is a great way to have all the expertise you need for the business you have without having to hire someone is full time. This is an especially good option for small businesses that do not warrant a full-time professional to protect their data. Outsourcing will ensure you have an expert on hand, and it will save you money, time, and stress. 

Server Protection

Data encryption

Many businesses find it useful to have all their data hardware in a server room. This enables them to protect this hardware from overheating. The fact is data centre cooling systems are essential because they can maintain the perfect temperature for your systems. The absolute last thing you want is to suffer data loss as a result of poor temperature control. This will affect the reputation of your business for one. Server rooms usually have a backup power supply so in the event of power loss your data is protected and available.

Use multiple-security solutions

Cybercrime is a real and growing threat to all businesses of any size. Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated and have access to incredible technology, which can make you vulnerable to attack. To protect against this, you need to implement a multi-layered protection solution on all your company devices. By doing this, you can block any attacks which may be targeting a specific area of your network. In addition, you will be notified of this attempted attack which enables you to take immediate action. The right security solution means that you make it more difficult for the hackers than it is worth. 


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