4 Ways to Stay Social in the Digital Age

The rapid rise of the internet and advancements in technology during this century have led to the creation of an online world. People now straddle between the physical and the digital, with our mobile phones and AI (Artificial Intelligence) devices keeping us connected every hour of the day.

Even though these developments have opened more doors and allow us to interact more than ever before, ironically the online existence leaves many feeling lonely and isolated. Combat this trend with these four ways to stay social in the digital age.

Social media engagement

Social media as we know it today began in 1997 with a platform called SixDegrees. This website was designed specifically for digital interaction: users could set up a profile page and connect with other profiles on the network via messaging.

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Modern social media platforms are still primarily used to communicate, largely with friends and family. Messaging is still the main method for communication, but you can also use reactions as an instant way to demonstrate your emotions.

Users can also upload temporary photos which provide a visual insight into your day-to-day life, no matter how far apart you may be from your connections.

Virtual video meet-ups

Social media is a great way to stay up-to-date with friends in the digital age. However, it can be a passive form of relaying information and it’s not a replacement for physical interaction.

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Virtual video meet-ups are a much more thorough way to socialise with your friends and family. Platforms such as Zoom can be used to link people from all over the world into one central video chat. This enables face-to-face conversation, despite being remote from one another.

Niche online communities

Are you hoping to find new connections as well as maintaining your existing relationships? You could look at joining niche online communities where you can connect with other like-minded individuals.

LinkedIn is an example of an online community. This international platform allows people around the world to network with each other, either through career connections or by searching for a specific industry.

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The gaming sector is well-known for its digital communities. For example, the world of online bingo still provides the companionship of the in-person bingo halls via chatrooms and apps. Similarly, video gamers can join forces on virtual challenges such as fantasy quests, similar to the format of collaborative board games.

Virtual events and talks

Another means of staying social in the digital age is to explore your passions through participation in virtual events and talks.

There is a growing trend for webinars, fuelled by this decade’s move to more home working which has led to some having entirely remote careers. Wherever you’re based, the internet allows you to watch talks and join interactive discussions on a whole host of subjects.

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These virtual events range from business tips and educational seminars to motivating speeches and masterclasses.

By taking advantage of community-led online platforms, users will find it much easier to stay social in the digital age.

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