What Brands to Choose When Shopping for Your Garden

Brand names are just as important for your garden as they are when furnishing the inside of your home or dressing yourself. Once your needs are assessed and you have a general idea of what sort of things your garden requires, you’ll need to start thinking of brands. Much like anything else, you will get what you pay for. Garden accessories, however, are not a pair of shoes and aren’t meant to be replaced every season. Garden sheds will need to last through every season for years to come.

Storage Sheds

Garden sheds are where the expensive garden furniture spends the winter months. The last thing you want is to open your shed in spring and discover your garden furniture that was so carefully put away in the autumn is unusable due to a fault with the shed.


Different brands have different guarantees on their sheds. Some wooden sheds come with a ten-year anti-rot warranty, whereas others come with none. Guarantees don’t protect what you are storing inside, but if the first signs of rot are there, you may be able to get the problem area sorted before putting the garden furniture away.

Garden sheds

Plastic Sheds

A brand like Keter has ventilation options available for their plastic sheds. Plastic sheds are prone to condensation, which can lead to mould or even rust your gardening tools. An unknown brand may be completely airtight, which is excellent for storing seeds or animal food, but not so great for storing other items. Most people store more than seeds and animal food in their sheds.

One of the big concerns when purchasing a garden shed is how it actually looks and people don’t think of things like ventilation. It is possible to store garden furniture in a plastic shed without it going mouldy or rusty over the winter, as long as you purchase from a well-known brand.

Wooden Sheds

Wooden sheds are what most people think of when thinking about garden sheds. They’re also the highest maintenance and are prone to rot. When buying a wooden shed, most people are going to concern themselves with what they’ll be using the shed for, whether that is storage, a workshop or garden office or even a mini-gym.

Look for sheds that come with at least a ten-year anti-rot guarantee. This won’t insure the contents of your shed, that’s more for the housing insurance so check your policy, but at least the manufacturer will deal with it if it starts to rot before the end of the guarantee.

Garden sheds

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are the most durable of the three varieties. Metal sheds can be a bit difficult to assemble but if it is durability and security you are after with low to no maintenance, it is worth hiring a handyperson to assemble it for you. If you are just going for something with storage and security, a no-name cheap metal shed will suit your needs. Different sheds have different locks, so check these.

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