How to Maximise Space in Your Kitchen 

No matter how small or large your kitchen is, you will always want to maximise the space you have. When you utilise the space, you have you avoid having loose items out in your kitchen,  which can make it feel cluttered and messy.

Adding and maximising space in your kitchen without having a complete kitchen makeover may sound tricky, but with a little creativity, you will find it is achievable.

Adding Extra Shelves

Even if you have fitted storage units or cabinets in your kitchen, you will still benefit from adding extra shelves. You may want to add extra shelves inside the cupboards or cabinets you have. Or, you may wish to add extra open shelves on any free walls that you have. Shelves that are high up will not take up any room in your kitchen, but they will give you valuable storage space, and when you add baskets or storage caddies to the shelves you will find you can utilize the space even more.

Useful Tip: Look at how you are currently utilizing cupboards and cabinets. Are you makinguse of the whole cupboard space, or is there room to add another shelf?

Adding Bifold Doors

Natural light in your kitchen can help a space feel bigger. Adding bifold doors from can help you give your kitchen a more spacious look and feel. Bifold doors can also give you a key connection to valuable outdoor living (or entertaining areas), which may feel like an extension of your kitchen. Bifold doors can be added to most external walls, and they can improve the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Add Storage to Seating Areas

Adding storage to seats, window seats and seating areas may be something you have not considered before, but it is something that can prove to be very effective. Built-in seating benches can double up as handy storage areas, allowing you to store those items that are cluttering up worktops and worksurfaces. You can find that with built-in benches you have lots of space to play with, meaning that you can store rarely used appliances, such as mixers and blenders, with ease. Bespoke built-in seating areas can be versatile, as they can allow you to have storage both under the seating area, and at the back too.

Useful Tip: Declutter your kitchen and look at those appliances and items you haven’t used or no longer use. Keeping appliances and items you haven’t used will free up valuable space.

Integrate Appliances

space in your kitchen

Freestanding appliances can end up taking up a lot of space in your kitchen. They can be bulky, and they can make a kitchen feel awkward. Integrated appliances will often fit under worktops or fill voids that would otherwise be attracting dust and dirt. When you integrate appliances, such as microwaves and ovens, you free up valuable working space. When floors and worksurfaces are clear, space no longer feels at a premium.

Useful Tip: Appliances can be integrated into cabinets or even hidden behind larder doors. When integrating appliances, always follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. Ensure appliances are fitted both safely and correctly, ensuring good ventilation.

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