A Guide on How to Style Your Home for Christmas

With December finally upon us, many people will start feeling festive and thinking about decorating their homes for the festive season. Christmas is a time for family, friends and good memories so adding touches of magic to your home will create an environment that is beautiful yet cosy.

Christmas decorations can be beautiful, but they should accentuate your home rather than take over it. Here are some tips on hoe to style your home for Christmas whilst still looking stylish.

Choose a theme

Choosing a theme is a good place to start when it comes to getting your house styled for Christmas. If you like natural materials such as wood and greenery, then you may want to base your choices around a Nordic theme. This scheme includes traditional Christmassy colours such as red, green, gold and silver but in a more subtle, paler way.

Alternatively, you could go for a more modern theme and throw the rulebook out the window. Navy decorations have been incredibly popular in the past few years as they add a touch of sophistication. If you do opt down a darker route, remember to add gold highlights to lift it slightly.

Light up your space

With the winter nights drawing in, adding light to your home is helpful with keeping the cold away. One of the best things as a child is looking in wonder at the Christmas lights adorning the street. Bringing that in can change the entire feeling of a home.

style your home for Christmas

If you are thinking of hanging a string of lights somewhere, opt for warmer white lights. This makes a room feel cosy as opposed to stark white ones which can feel a bit clinical. Coloured lights are great too, but make sure it fits in with your overall theme.

Strategically placed lamps can also work to warm darker corners. The perfect lamp combined with a warm bulb can brighten the darkest corner and help you feel warm and safe inside. Although you are decorating for Christmas, try and find a lamp that will work in your home for the rest of the year too. Choose a neutral style that will fit in all year long.

Dress your tree with style

Tree decorating can be the highlight of festive preparations which makes great memories, especially with younger family members. However, you may find yourself moving the ornaments around to create a more balanced tree.

style your home for Christmas

Again, focus on your theme when choosing your decorations. Tinsel can be a contentious issue with some people loving it and others finding it less appealing. Tinsel can be great in reflecting the lights on your tree, adding a festive sparkle as you style your home for Christmas.

If you are using personalised ornaments, try placing them on the tree first and working around them. That way they take pride of place on your tree and all the other baubles help to highlight the special ones.

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