Remington Manchester United Durablade review: Hybrid Shaver scores a hat-trick

Multi-purpose shavers are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Simple, compact, and ideal for maintaining goatees, taches, and designer stubble, they’re a one-stop-shop for all your facial hair needs.

The Remington Durablade Hybrid Groomer has been causing a stir in the male grooming world since launching back in 2019 and has been rivalling the Philips OneBlade ever since. 

Taking the same sleek look from the original Durablade, this new jazzed up version comes in bold red and emblazoned with a relatively discreet gold Manchester United logo at the top of the handle. It’s tasteful enough to please MUFC fans from all walks of life and is sure to be a popular stocking filler come Christmas.

So, what are the claims from Remington on the Durablade? Well, first they offer a five-year guarantee and claim you’ll never need to replace the blade. A bold statement indeed, but priced at a very reasonable £50, I’d be perfectly happy if I got a year out of it.

As someone who shaves no more than twice a week, I’m quite prone to frequent nicks and cuts and so was a little dubious that this piece of kit would deliver. Being so much smaller than my regular shaver (it looks like a cross between a razor and a beard trimmer), I was surprised to discover that this piece of kit is far more than a gimmick.

The Durablade comes with four different combs, allowing you to achieve a variety of looks. Take them off and you get a smooth, clean-shaven look, or add them to trim your beard or stubble. Having built up almost a weeks worth of stubble, the Durablade glided across my jawline smoothly, leaving my stubble perfectly even.

Like many other blokes, I’m prone to nicks and cuts on my throat and underneath my nose, however, there was none of that with the Durablade once I’d removed the comb. It’s worth noting that the blade is 100% waterproof and offers around 60 minutes of use after a 4-hour charge.

Time will tell if the Durablade is as long-lasting as Remington claim, however, it has become a staple in my grooming bag and ideal for travel. Another benefit for me is the fact that my flatmate (who has a habit of pinching my products) is a massive Leeds United Fan and therefore won’t touch it with a bargepole. Winner.

Overall, this is an impressive piece of kit and highly recommended to any Man U fans with facial hair. It’s worth noting that this Durablade is part of a range of Manchester United grooming products, which include various shavers and even a hairdryer.

A regular version in a fetching orange colour is also available for Leeds fans and other guys that can’t bear the thought of having the Reds in their bathroom.

Pick up the Manchester United Remington Durablade from the Man Utd Store priced at £50.


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