Manchester Artists are part of an exciting European-wide Arts Project

If you are a fan of all things arts related, then the news that LIBERTY EU is a programme of free to attend arts events across Europe will be music to your ears.

Iranian born Parham Ghalamdar, a painter and researcher now living in Manchester is part of LIBERTY EU. This European arts project with Manchester artists is taking place across 10 European countries. It will promote hundreds of talented young artists, all under the age of 30.

Along with Parham, Zimbabwean born Mandla Rae, a performance and spoken word artist will also be part of LIBERTY EU. Mandla also based in Manchester, previously curated a Freedom of Movement project in 2020, and will be writing and performing for LIBERTY EU.

ArtReach® based in Leicester, along with funders Creative Europe are about to launch the UK website to promote Parham, Mandla and others. The launch of the LIBERTY EU website coincides with the end of Celebrating Sanctuary Week in late April. Sanctuary Week celebrates the diversity, cultures, and talent that refugees and displaced people bring with them when they arrive in the UK.

LIBERTY EU, the new art-based project that Parham and Mandla are involved with brings together 12 cultural European partners. It will showcase a pool of 750 young artists.

The website will enable artists and cultural professionals to work together until the end of 2022. It aims to commission at least 75 new works. The work these artists create will be presented at free access events across Europe.

With issues across Europe including; Brexit, protests, rioting, and the pandemic, ArtReach® and partners are pleased to announce LIBERTY EU events will go ahead as planned. It’s worth noting that relationships between the UK and European partners have never been better across the arts world.

Artists Speak Up For Art & Heritage

Artist Parham Ghalamdar said:

“The ArtReach® LIBERTY EU project has been a major enabler for me to develop my practice. It not only gives me the chance to showcase to a European audience, but it also highlights my background and heritage, which is a huge part of my life and something I am proud of.”

European arts project with Manchester artists
Parham Ghalamdar – Situation Number One (2020) SHEBA ARTS Festival commission

Artist Mandla Rae said:

“Being able to share my art with new audiences through ArtReach® and LIBERTY EU is what gives me hope. Everything about my heritage, mental health, and trauma is included in my art, so the fact that I can continue do my art without limitations is great.”

European arts project with Manchester artists.
Mandla Rae – Bursary-Artist-2020 Joel+Chester+Fildes

The LIBERTY EU European arts project with Manchester artists will highlight 6 strands of art. These include; Inside Out Performance, Processional Theatre, Liberty Art, Outdoor Digital Art, Educational Workshops, and Seminars. For more information visit LIBERY EU.

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