Explaining the mini-golf craze sweeping the world


Miniature golf is also known as mini-putt, minigolf, or crazy golf. It is an activity that stems from the sport golf. The sport has been growing in popularity over the years. People enjoy it for various reasons that have led to its craze across the world. It is cheaper than golf, family-friendly, and used by some businesses for team building.

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The origins of miniature golf, inspired by golf sport, have been tracked to The Ladies Club of St. Andrews in Scotland, built for women golfers in 1827. Afterwards, Scotland mini golf spread across Europe, the Americas, and the rest of the world.

Its origin has been a subject of debate for many decades by historians who argue there is evidence of mini-golf existence in China around 937-975 A.D. The Dutch also claim it is of Denmark origin in 1297.

French Historians also lay claim to the sport stating it evolved from pall-mall activity popular around 1450. Other claims are from scholars in Germany, the United States, Mexico, Scotland, etc.

After the Great Depression during the 1930s, golf became too expensive. Many people embraced mini golf and more miniature golf courses increased. They turned to cheaper alternatives and spiced the courses up with obstacles such as barrels, old drain pipes, and tyres.

The rise of corporations like the Putt-Putt corporation helped increase its popularity by introducing different realistic themes and obstacles to the game that mimic golf like windmills, bridges, small hills, and waterfalls. Mini-golf courses are now inspired by the artificial greens of the 20th century.

Recent developments in the miniature golf market with the employment of different features and the use of different settings far from the conventional types and concepts had had a great impact on the sport. The sport also gets endorsements from celebrities and miniature sports enthusiasts.

Different crazy golf competitions are organised all around the world. The mini golf industry has adaptability to different audiences and sites to give consumers the best experience. Swingers Club London offers their consumers a range of services to give the adventure experience. They offer catering services, different themed plays, and family-friendly settings with an array of themed golf parks.

Reasons for Popularity in the UK

The popularity of miniature golf in the UK has been fueled by several reasons making the industry grow with every passing year. Minigolf is profitable, thereby being an attractive investment option for a lot of investors in the UK and around the world.

Mini-golf is enjoyed by people of different abilities and is not age-restricted hence family-friendly with a broad appeal.

In terms of business, mini-golf courses are easy to run and cheap as very few staff is required for its operations compared to kart racing, paintball games, or arcades. The cost of equipment is also very low.

Mini golf industry and business is profitable with a high return on investment (ROI) and requires very low liability insurance. The industry attracts customers throughout the year with more visits in the summer, on weekends, and on public holidays.

The versatility of the sport makes its popularity in the UK grow as it is a perfect setting for casual vacations, date nights, and entertainment. It is affordable and accommodates all budgets with a guarantee of excitement and fun.

The designs of crazy golf have been changing overtime being eye-catching, challenging, and unique. Nowadays minigolf courses offer unique features with interesting art, fun challenges, decor, novelty attractions, and theme plays.

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