Sore feet? – You need to read this now!

When you have sore feet, you might often blame it on being on your feet all day long cooking, cleaning, walking and working. Of course, this can be the case for many of us, but what you could find is that the cause behind your sore feet isn’t your standing on them all day – but your shoes. They say that you should spend your money on good shoes and a good bed at night, and there’s a good reason for it!

Sore feet? – Your shoes are not designed to be molded to the shape of your feet. We end up forcing our feet to fit our shoes, and that’s why so many end up at the podiatrist with ingrown toenails. We need to have proper measurements for our feet to fit the shoes on the market, and it can take some trial and error to find the right style. We use our feet a lot, so we need to make sure that the shoes that we wear fit well enough to be comfortable and not cause pain. With this in mind, here are some of the signs that your shoes are damaging your feet.

  • Your toes are compressed. You need to wear shoes that fit the length and width of your feet. If your toes are compressed at the tops of your shoes, you’re wearing the wrong size. You should have space for your toes to sit comfortably and if your toes are overlapping each other, this is a problem and you may end up needing the services of a podiatrist. When your toes are squished, the nails have nowhere to go!
  • Your feet are cramped. If you have wide feet, you need to wear wide shoes. Narrow feet that aren’t sitting correctly in shoes will blister as they move around inside the shoes. You need to find a specialist for your shoes if you are dealing with feet that are too narrow or too wide for most conventional shoes.
  • Your heels are hurt. Your heels should not be absorbing too much shock and shoes are generally made to absorb the shock so that your heels do not. Over time, the constant pain in your heels and shock of hitting the ground can cause damage in your hips and spine as much as it can your feet.
  • You are coping with plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a muscle from the toes that anchors to the heel. When this is constantly pressured, the foot changes shape and it causes a lot of pain. You can avoid this irritation by ensuring that your shoes have the right arch to support your feet.
  • Your metatarsals are dropping. When you walk in high heels and formal shoes, you may notice that the balls of the feet drive into the ground. When this happens, the toes are forced upwards at an angle. Over time, this can damage the ball of the feet and this can damage the metatarsals. You need to walk in a way that maintains pliability and this will help you to feel comfortable.


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