On-the-go snacking made even easier – 2 new product flavours


On-the-go snacking made even easier – Myvegan has released two brand new flavours of its signature plant-based bars and snacks, a Banoffee Carb Crusher and a Peanut Butter Filled Cookie. Both designed to be high in protein and low in sugar, they fit perfectly into any healthy lifestyle and are, of course, 100% vegan.

Banoffee Carb Crusher is the 4th flavour to be released of this indulgent triple layered bar. Each one is covered in a dark chocolate coating with a caramel layer and topped with crispy soy protein nuggets. They’re low in sugar and contain 15g of plant-based protein, making these the ideal everyday high-fibre snack.

On-the-go snacking made even easier

Peanut Butter Filled Cookie – Myvegan’s signature baked cookie taken to the next level with a gooey peanut butter filling. Hard to believe that these are low in sugar, high in protein and 100% plant based. Each palm oil free cookie contains 13.1g of protein and only 2.63g of sugar for the perfect plant-based snack swap.

On-the-go snacking made even easier

We Tried MY VEGAN – Carb Crusher Banoffee Flavour

This product isn’t something I would ordinarily consider as a snack, however as an avid walker I wanted to put this Carb Crusher to the test whilst walking up hill and down dale.

Visually the appearance of this product in terms of the packaging and branding is in what I would term as ‘vegan colours’ with lots of green and the words MY VEGAN really easy to see. However, it would be good to have the ingredients in a larger text as they are quite difficult to read.

The name Carb Crusher is great, catchy and easy to remember, and if you are a very active person, burning lots of energy, these will be perfect for you, just be mindful if you are not so active to take into consideration the amount of calories in the product.

The product itself looks and tastes delicious, especially with the nibbed chocolate topping and the flavour of the Banoffee is really tasty, especially if like us, you like banana. We found them delicious when eaten with a warm drink of coffee during the walk.  I really enjoyed MY VEGAN snacks, so much so that I would like to taste the other flavours available.

The bar itself when eating is very substantial and filling, perfect for our hiking trips and would make a welcome addition to any walkers/fell runners backpack!

On-the-go snacking made even easier

Both of these new products are available on site at Myvegan.com now!

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