6 Surprising ways gaming can aid your health

Gamers often get a bad reputation for literally indulging in doing something they enjoy. Many people are unaware of how many benefits gaming can have and, as such, unfairly stereotype gamers as people who lack desire, motivation, or a purpose in life.

Gaming can aid your health

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But in fact, gaming can be hugely beneficial to your health, and it can have many benefits. Let’s take a look at 6 surprising ways gaming can improve your overall health.

Gaming can improve dexterity.

Games using controllers are beneficial to your hands. Researchers discovered that surgeons who played video games were faster at completing sophisticated procedures and made 37% fewer mistakes than those who didn’t. Special video games have also been used to help stroke victims regain control of their hands and wrists as physical therapy. Playing free racing games can also help you improve your driving skills and control of a car, thanks to the decreased risk of mistakes and quicker reaction times.

Gaming can improve your brain’s grey matter.

Muscle control, memories, perception, and spatial navigation are all linked to grey matter, and playing games can boost your grey matter and give your brain a good workout. All the while, you think you are having fun when in fact, you are boosting your brain’s connectivity and increasing grey matter.

Gaming can improve social skills.

Gaming can aid your health

More and more games these days are becoming social, and many people play games purely to get the benefits of talking to other like-minded players. Studies have shown that gamers are more than likely to be well adjusted and more sociable depending on the type of games they play.

Gaming can help improve your problem-solving skills.

No one can solve a problem better than a gamer who needs to complete a level or organize a group task. Problem-solving is at the core of playing games and progressing through the different levels. If you don’t solve the problem, you are stuck in the same part until you do. This type of analytical thinking is a skill not everyone has and can give gamers an advantage over others in the midst of a rise or emergency.

Gaming can increase your activity levels.

While this isn’t true of all games, the rise of more physical-based games and VR gaming means gamers will need to move more and be more active. And if they frequently play games in this style, they will become more active without even trying.

Gaming can aid your health

Gaming can improve your vision.

Playing video games can genuinely improve your vision. That is providing you’re not looking at the screen for 10 hours (or sitting on top of the screen). In one study, ten male students who had never played first-person action games were trained for 30 hours and then evaluated against ten non-gamers. Because of the improved spatial resolution, the students were able to perceive items more clearly in congested surroundings. They could train their brains to see smaller details because those features were important in each game.


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