Rum is the new Gin this Summer

London, UK: Two entrepreneurs have announced the launch of its premium subscription service, Craft Rum Club, which brings consumers on a journey through elegant luxury rums, mixers, garnishes and snacks each month, to help educate and enjoy this overlooked spirit.

Rum is the new Gin this Summer – The subscription provides a monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly membership service for £39.95 plus free delivery, giving customers access to exclusive and limited edition bottles – from gold to dark and spiced. 

The company launched in order to break the stereotype around rum being an older person’s beverage and wanted to show the history, flavours and processes behind what makes this tasty spirit. 

The Craft Rum Club is an instant lifestyle upgrade and pleasure investment, as a monthly treat to yourself or a gift, where good impressions count. For alcohol enthusiasts wishing to invest in a service that can help educate their knowledge on this particular spirit, alongside supplying customers with a monthly Craft Rum Club magazine with the latest cocktails of the month, rum background and distilling steps to help its consumers know where the rum they are drinking that month comes from, this spirit service comes with a list of impressive, high-class and exclusive treats for consumers to indulge in.

Rum is the new Gin this Summer – To sign up to the Craft Rum Club service is quick and easy with three simple steps: contact, address and billing details, in which you can either receive 12, 6, or 4 boxes a year, simply by filling in these details on the website via www.craftrumclub.co.

Rum is the new Gin this Summer
Surprise Box of Spiced Rum – Spice Hunter

Kevin Beament, Co-founder of Craft Rum Club says: “In launching Craft Rum Club we wanted to disrupt rum’s reputation as the harsh forgotten spirit. Bringing premium rums of all categories to the consumers’ doorstep every month, taking them on a journey and educating them on the many types of production processes and the passion distillers infuse into their rums is the key aim.”  
“We want to be the premier rum subscription club in the UK by elevating the rum category to new heights – not just through great rums, but through education and by making the younger generation connoisseurs of what they’re drinking.

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