Long Tail: Elevate your favourite tipple with the UK’s only dark spirit mixer brand

Long Tail, the UK’s only dark spirit-focussed mixer brand, has announced the launch of two new flavours – Hibiscus and Lemon Sour – along with larger sharing bottles, to help you discover dark spirits in a new light.

Long Tail has added Hibiscus (blackcurrant, hibiscus, clove) and Lemon Sour (lemon, orange, gentian) to the range to complement rum and golden tequila, and bourbon, golden tequila and whisky respectively. The portfolio also includes Ginger Lime (ginger, lime, chai), Blood Orange (Orange, grapefruit, bitters), and Island Spice (Chinotto, gentian, spice).

The brand, which launched in 2018, is the brainchild of two life-long friends, Alex and Tom, who have a shared passion for the darker side of spirits. Disappointed by what was available to accompany spirits such as whisky, bourbon, rum and tequila, the pair set about making their own range of mixers.

The aim was to create something different, that was carefully designed to complement dark spirits without overwhelming them, and so the range has been crafted with all-natural ingredients and subtle flavours. The range also has less sugars than other mixer options to appeal to health-conscious drinkers.

Long Tail mixers help to elevate simple serves to something special and are ideal for entertaining at home. The new 500ml format has been designed to make it even easier to share and enjoy the mixers with friends.

The full 500ml range is available online now at www.longtailmixers.com , with Island Spice, Blood Orange and Hibiscus launching exclusively in John Lewis from 10 May 2020 for £1.99 RRP.

The full 200ml range of Long Tail mixers is available online now here and from select UK retailers including Selfridges and eat17 for £1.30 RRP.


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