Italian Wine to Drink in Spring While Spending the Day Outside

Once the weather starts to change, coming out from the cold winter, people start to demand some quality time with themselves and their loved ones. It’s in this peculiar context that many individuals re-discover the beauties of nature, spending their time outside in the most beautiful parks and, in general, the most interesting locations to take a walk and have a little picnic.

It’s safe to say that, with the arrival of spring, a good glass of fresh Italian wine becomes very desirable, especially in order to enrich the experience of spending the day outside.

Nowadays it’s important to underline that taking a day off making a trip in the nature or in some mor bucolic location doesn’t necessarily mean to make compromises with the quality of food and beverages. Making a picnic today can also consist of making a tasting experience with some cold specialties or having a barbecue with delicious meat cuts.

Italian wine

For all of these spring-oriented meals – salads included – making the best pairing with wine is crucial to bring the whole tasting experience to a new level. Surely, when it comes to high quality wine culture Italy becomes a true stand-out, providing some of the best products to pair with the most amazing fresh meals. Italian wines are very fascinating and tasteful, gifting a precious experience to whoever tastes them. In the next paragraphs, instead, we are going to discover everything you must know about some of the best Italian wines to drink on spring on a day spent outside.

The best white wines to drink in spring

First of all, we would like to mention some of the main feature that an ideal “spring wine” should have. Such a beverage finds itself to be easy to drink, with a light body and a fresh taste. It has to be the perfect drink to pair with a salad or – in the specific case of white wines – with seafood. These wines present a low level of acidity, and they provide with a rich and flavourful aroma, often furtherly developed by the presence of fruity notes. Some of the most interesting white wines for spring are Vermentino, Pinot Grigio and Falanghina, with the latter that provides an amazing experience when paired with the Mediterranean’s culinary tradition meals.

Italian wine

Red, rosé, and sparkling wines for spring

For the most exigent diners, it’s suggested to taste Italian sparkling wines either at home or outside. Some of the most iconic ones are Prosecco DOC, perfect for aperitives, sushi and meat or Moscato Spumante, ideal to pair with dessert and sweets at the end of a meal. For those who can never do without a bottle of red wine, Lambrusco is an Italian sparkling red wine that goes perfectly with cured meats, the ideal companion for an aperitif in the park. Rosé wines, instead, present themselves as the right compromise among sparkling wines and the most delicate ones, being perfect when paired with fried food, vegetables, and fusion cuisine. Among the most appreciated ones, we can easily mention Primitivo Rosato and Bardolino Chiaretto DOC.

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