High end authentic Indian cuisine from Bollywood Brasserie

The Bollywood Brasserie in Tong, Leeds have done an exceptional job at serving up their high end authentic Indian cuisine ready to be delivered across the Leeds and Bradford area. Their food stands out as one of the best Indian take aways we have ever had. From the marinated lamb chops and sweet mince chapli, to the tandoori honey and mustard prawns, the food was incredibly good from the very start.

A review by Paul Conboy @FatFoodClub

Expect glitz and glamour from Bollywood Brasserie’s fabulous new home delivery!

Bollywood Brasserie’s fabulous new home delivery! – Switching between your favourite Friday night takeaway is never an easy call but since the ‘L’ word back in March and with now more places offering home delivery, our appetite for trying somewhere new has never been so great. Fine dining for the first time is being served up in neat boxes with instructions on how to reheat at home to make the idea of staying in the new going out.

Like so many restaurants right now, forcing to adapt is the new normal. From fast food to fine dining each establishment has had to rewrite the ways in which people feast on their good food. With lockdowns still very much with us and tier systems keeping the doors closed on so many places it has never been so important for somewhere to think on its feet and craft a new ‘eating out eating in’ experience. And whilst for now the doors of the Bollywood Brasserie still very much remain closed, the kitchens inside are busy serving up brilliant food to every order that comes through.

The food was ready to eat on arrival. The chapati and naan arrived wrapped in insulated paper meaning it was ready to be served straight to the plate. The rest of the food was hot and freshly made packed with all sorts of Indian flavour. The chilli paneer was made with the tastiest and sweetest chilli’s, onions and peppers, whilst the black lentil Dal Lalla Mussa was an incredible vegetarian dish which we had agreed we would both certainly order again as a side. Food options at the Bollywood Brasserie cater for all diets including dishes being vegan as well as vegetarian.

The saffron and pea pilau complimented our main of Bollywood Brasserie’s take on the very British Chicken Tikka Masala brilliantly. In everyone of our dishes the meat was succulent and tender. A sign of quality Indian food is when the flavours show typical signs of being marinating for hours beforehand to blend everything nicely together. The flavours being delivered here are complex and combined making them so hard to replicate at home, meaning ordering is the only and best way to experience this type of Indian food. In fact, to make this kind of food would take years of practice. Head chef Subroto Chaudhuri has 25 years in making Indian food taste great and these years have been spent well in developing a menu and taste at the Bollywood Brasserie which is nothing less than fantastic.

Tonight’s home delivery had been amazing. We were left with one final course that fuses together history and taste in one delightful dish. You really must order the British Raj inspired Railway Lamb Curry. We served this with the garlic naan to scoop up mouthful after mouthful of fabulous Indian flavour.

Bollywood Brasserie can be ordered through Just-Eat. Christmas and New Year might be celebrated a little differently this year but when you make that decision to order in, then we could not recommend this place enough. Make the switch from your usual go to and order from the Bollywood Brasserie instead. You will certainly not be disappointed!

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