Enjoy a Fantastic Indulgent Vegan Christmas this year

If you are dipping your toes into the world of veganism this Christmas, or if you are a long-time vegan, you will know that the offering of vegan food and drink is excellent in 2020.

Words by Rachel McAlley

The world has evolved with availability of vegan food and drink in almost every supermarket you enter these days. We have put together some ideas for a lovely indulgent vegan Christmas Day for you to enjoy at home.

Christmas Day Snacks

ChicP Hummus

ChicP Hummus & Veggie Bites

There are five hummus flavours and three veggie bites to choose from, you won’t struggle to find a favourite for Christmas Day. The hummus includes: Beetroot & Horseradish, Carrot & Ginger, Herby, Chilli Pumpkin, and Velvet.  On the veggie bite front there’s: Beetroot & Apple, Sweet Potato & Rosemary, and Spinach & Parsley.  Priced at £2.50 for the hummus, and from £2.50 for the veggie bites, available from Ocado, Booths, Selfridges, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and more.

Podberry Snacks

Podberry Snacks

The UK’s first freeze-dried seasoned snack made with Scottish-grown peas from Perthshire. Podberry boasts four flavours including: Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Sweet Chilli, Ham Hock, and Parmesan & Truffle. Priced at £1 per 20g pack, available from www.eatpodberry.co.uk various Morrison’s across Scotland, and independents around the UK.

Christmas Dinner

Asda, Vegan “Turkey” Stuffed Joint, Extra Special Chestnut Balls, and Vegan Cocktail “Sausages

Brimming with a caramelised onion and herb stuffing, this soya-based “Turkey” joint is the perfect dish. Sprinkled with cracked black pepper and topped with a fragrant bay leaf, this joint is perfectly paired with Asda’s Extra Special Chestnut, Cranberry & Apple Stuffing Balls. Don’t forget to add a dish of Extra Special Vegan Spiced Apple and Orange Cocktail Sausages on the side. Priced individually in store, available from Asda.

Sweet Treats

Blondies Kitchen Cookie Dough

Blondies Kitchen, Hot Cookie Dough in Double Choc Biscoff

For a homemade Christmas, these bake at home hot cookie dough cookies are a perfect treat for you and your family through the festivities. The collection consists of 1 milk, 1 white, and 1 dark chocolate cookie dough. Priced at £13.50, available from www.blondieskitchen.co.uk

Montezumas Like No Udder

Montezuma’s, Like No Udder Orange, Milk Chocolate Alternative

As close to milk chocolate as possible, without ever having gone near a cow! The natural orange oil adds zest and tang to the smooth chocolate alternative, and makes it the perfect festive treat. Priced at £2.99, available from www.montezumas.co.uk


Wold Top Scarborough Fair IPA

Wold Top, Wold Gold Blonde Beer and Scarborough Fair IPA 

This vegan brand produces some of the best bottled beers and ale around, ideal to enjoy on Christmas Day. Wold Gold Blonde is a heady mix of Wold grown Barley, Wheat and Cara malt hopped with Goldings and Styrian hops, with a hint of spice. Scarborough Fair IPA is a strong and well-hopped pale ale, triple hopped to give something extra flavour-wise, to be enjoyed with full flavoured food. Both are priced at £1.99 (500ml) each, available from www.woldtopbrewery.co.uk

Sea Arch non-alcoholic cocktails

Sea Arch Drinks, Rose Sea & T, and Sea & T Alcohol Free Cocktails

Inspired by a G&T but with none of the alcohol, the attractive new Sea & T ready to drink cans from Sea Arch Drinks are delicious, non-alcoholic cocktails in a convenient, pre-mixed format. Made using the award-winning Sea Arch Coastal Juniper blend, the Sea & T range is crisp, refreshing and a great alternative for a non-drinker on Christmas Day. Both are priced at £2.35 (250ml) per can, available from Ocado, Amazon, and www.seaarchdrinks.com

The Whisky Exchange Malt

The Whisky Exchange, Christmas Malt 2020

Unveiled by The Whisky Exchange, this Christmas Malt is an exceptional whisky. Rich, dark and spicy, this vegan whisky also offers fresh and fruity flavours, ideal to inspire the spirit of Christmas. Stacked with flavours from apples, grapes, dates, brown sugar, charred raisins, bitter chocolate and coffee this whisky is Christmas cake in a liquid form – simply the perfect addition to 25th December. Priced at £74.95 (70cl), available from www.thewhiskyexchange.com

“Cheese” & Biscuits

Ferme Special Edition

Fermè Fermentino, with Pecans and Cranberries

Cashew Fermentino with pecans and cranberries, is fully organic and completely vegan. It is the perfect topping for your favourite cracker or oatcake this Christmas with its fruity, buttery, sweet, nutty seasonal flavour. Priced at £7.75, available from www.ableandcole.co.uk

Nairns Oatcakes Peri Peri

Nairn’s, Peri Peri Oatcakes

These feisty full-flavoured oatcakes are packed with flavour, bringing something extra to your Christmas Day cheese & biscuits table. 100% plant based, they are idea to top with your favourite vegan cheese. Priced at £1.89 (200g), available from www.nairns-oatcakes.com

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