Yummikeys, eco-friendly baby toys and breast-feeding necklaces

If you are parents to babies and/or toddlers, you are going to love Yummikeys, a set of three jingly animal keys, Yummikeys are made from 100% stainless steel, adorned with three bright silicone beads.

Yummikeys eco-friendly baby toys – They are cool on the gums, safe for new teeth and totally non-toxic, these ‘keys’ offer everything a real set would, but without the dirt, sharp edges or lead. Fun to explore, they help build fine and gross motor-skills and are designed for even the littlest hands to grip. They are also dishwasher safe, made from stainless steel and 100% recyclable.

Yummikeys eco-friendly baby toys

“We’re incredibly excited to announce that Yummikeys have won the Bizziebaby gold award for Yummirings. We received a hat trick of awards with a silver award for Yummikeys and a bronze award for the YummiNecklace. These awards are based entirely on impartial feedback from parent testers, so this is a massive achievement for us as a small Scottish business.”

“Yummikeys are manufactured in China because we can’t have them manufactured in the UK or Europe as production just doesn’t exist for luxury stainless steel jewellery like it does in China. The quality they are made to is exceptional because this is such a specialist area for our manufacturer. To ensure we are only using an ethical manufacturer we commissioned a Sedex audit, which is an audit to ensure that the business adheres to ethical trade standards. We of course passed this audit on every front.”

 Just a few of the areas they check are:

👉🏽Forced labour.
👉🏽Health and safety.
👉🏽Child labour and young workers.
👉🏽Wages and benefits.
👉🏽Working hours.
👉🏽Regular employment.

“When you own a business you quickly realise how important it is to lead the way in terms of ethical practices.”

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H&N Review by Ashley Conboy

One time at a birthday party with Lucy, I noticed panicked calls from my husband and quickly called back to check everything was ok. “Have you seen my keys?” was his urgent question – not a new one.

Lucy had become obsessed with keys and knew where they were kept despite us moving them to avoid her putting them in her mouth. So, imagine our delight when we were kindly gifted Yummikeys!

I did my research and was pleased to see they were a safe hygienic alternative to real keys. A set of three stainless steel jingly sensory animal keys with colourful silicone beads, they offered everything a real set would but without any dirt, sharp edges, or lead.

These are now a firm favourite in our house with Lucy enjoying a good gnaw on them to relieve the pressure and pain of teething but also one of her favourite things to find before we leave the house, because of course she needs her keys to lock the door – just like Mum and Dad! The fact that they are dishwasher safe means that they can be cleaned nightly without any drama and if she loses them – we will not have to change all the locks!

Thank you Yummikeys, these are ingenius!


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