Maison Sybarite Paris: The world’s first water based fine fragrance brand

Inspired by an ancient Greek city named Sybaris, Maison Sybarite is a bold new unisex fragrance collection that stands out from the crowd. Crafted by master perfumer Antoine Lie (the man behind Armani Code and controversial concept scent Secretions Magnifiques), Maison Sybarite are one of just a handful of perfumers who favour water and other natural ingredients over alcohol.

Available in four distinctive scents, the luxe brand have managed to create a perfume to suit all moods and occasions. Whilst they all share a certain woody freshness, each scent has its own unique character.

Designed for everyday wear, they make an excellent choice for those who find their skin is irritated by the chemicals featured in standard colognes. Each perfume comes packaged in a recyclable box which is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Maison Sybarite were kind enough to send us samples of two of their bestsellers in exchange for our thoughts. Here are our impressions.

Opulent Wood

The first thing that strikes you when you spray any Maison Sybarite scent is the milky white texture of the liquid, which creates a fine mist that quickly absorbs into your skin. Taking inspiration from the winery tradition of Sybaris, Opulent Wood balances grapes and fruit flavours with spices such as black pepper, saffron and nutmeg to create a powerful and exotic scent.

This soon settles into warm notes of sandal wood and cedar wood which are exceptionally long-lasting considering the lack of oil and alcohol. Overall, this is an impressive product that’s the perfect balance of masculine and feminine notes.

Spicy Calabria

If you’re after compliments, then you’ll probably find what you’re looking for with Spicy Calabria. With strong earthy and leathery notes, this seductive scent also blends oud, bergamot, ginger and lime to create an energetic and exotic fragrance. Perfect for date night and special occasions, it pipped Opulent Wood by an inch to be my personal favourite. Spicy Calabria is the only scent in the range produced by Laure Santantoni.

If you enjoy wearing fragrances that are a little more rare and unusual, then Maison Sybarite makes for a brand worth investing in. At £160 a bottle, this is most definitely a premium cologne, however, sample sizes can be purchased online from Bloom Perfume should you wish to try before you buy.


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