How To Plan A Great Date Night

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Date night is hugely important in a relationship. It’s not often that couples get to spend what might be called quality time together, especially when they have been together a long time, or there are children to care for as well. However, a great date night on a regular basis can help to keep the romance alive and ensure that you appreciate one another a lot more. Plus, they’re lots of fun. So how can you plan a great date night? Here are some ideas. 

Fun For All 

One of the critical things to remember when you are planning your next date night is that it needs to be fun for both of you, not just your partner (and certainly not just you). The entire goal of date night is that you both get to enjoy yourselves. Think of something that you would both love to do, and book tickets or arrange it. It could be heading to the theatre, going to a club, a picnic under the stars, riding horses along the beach, or whatever else it is that you both want to do and that you both want to do together. 

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A good tip here is to make a note whenever your partner mentions something they would love to do some time. If it sounds like something you could both enjoy, that will give you the basis for your next date night. 

Turn Your Phone Off 

When you are on your date, etiquette says that you should turn your phone off. Bring it with you by all means – you never know when you might need to make a call, and it’s better to have it and not need to use it than not have it and need to call a cab, for example – but turn it off, or at least put it on silent mode. You are there to spend time with your date, not scroll your Facebook or Twitter feeds. It’s a habit that many people have, and it is harmless most of the time, but on a date, it is vital that you focus your attention on your partner, not someone else’s tweet. 

Do More

Date night needs to be more than ‘just’ a normal date. Dinner is a good start, but dinner alone isn’t enough in this case; because date nights come around relatively rarely, it’s essential to make the most of them. Therefore, dinner, a film, and cocktail making is a better idea. Or a theatre show and a night in a great hotel. Search online for special events happening on the date you’re thinking of going out on, and you might even find something really different to try. 

Go Out 

Although planning a romantic night in your home might seem like a good idea at the time, in reality, it often just doesn’t work. You know your home inside out, and as much as you might love it, it’s not special enough for a date. If you stay in, the likelihood is that you’ll do the same thing you do every night, such as eat dinner, switch on the TV, then head to bed, rather than something different and exciting. Go out for your date, and you’ll get more out of it; it will certainly be more memorable. 


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