How To Get Rid of Moths Naturally

Moths are furry pollinators that enjoy dark spaces. There are over 150,000 species of moths throughout the world, and many of these enjoy eating various items within your household.

Both moths and butterflies belong to the order Lepidoptera which translates as “scaly-winged”. While there are numerous similarities between these insects, moths are considered to be pests while butterflies are considered to be beautiful.

Thus, if you are experiencing a moth infestation and want to know how to get rid of them naturally, then you may be interested in investing in this natural moth killer spray, or you may want to use another method of ridding yourself of these moths.

The two most commonly found are fabric moths and pantry moths. There are numerous signs that indicate whether or not you have moths within your home, and these include the following:

  • Webs and caterpillars in your food indicate that you have become infested with moths.
  • Holes within your clothing is also a good indicator that moths have eaten through fabrics like silk, cotton, fur, and wool. You may also see holes appear in any taxidermy within your household.
  • Shedding any fur items is also a good sign that you are experiencing a moth infestation.

8 Ways of Getting Rid of Moths Naturally

Following these easy tips will ensure that you are able to remove moths and their larvae from your household without too much effort or hassle.

1) Vacuuming

Regularly vacuuming your home is the best way to clean any larvae or eggs that you could be accumulating in your home. These eggs also tend to gather around any dust or dirt, and this dirt could also attract more moths to enter your household.

2) Clean Using Vinegar

Clean your pantry space and any shelves using a vinegar cleaning solution as this will clean any eggs that have been laid.

3) Store Food Correctly

Use storage containers for your foot, ensuring that the lids are fitted securely and tightly. This will prevent moths from entering your dry foods and laying any eggs.

4) Store Clothing Correctly


Keeping your closet dry and cool is essential. You should also try to seal cherished clothing in airtight or vacuum-sealed bags to prevent any moths from eating the fabric and destroying your clothing inherently.

5) Use Cedar Oil

Using cedar oil deters moths, diffusing some cedar oil into your household is an excellent means of preventing a moth infestation.

6) Store Some Herbs


Having herbs like lavender, cloves, bay leaves, and rosemary is an excellent means of deterring moths. It is also a natural means of moth prevention. You can place some herbs into sachets and leave these around your household, or you can purchase a premade herb bag to deter them.

7) Freeze Them Out

You should place any food or moth-damaged clothing in the freezer for up to three days in order to kill off any remaining larvae or eggs.

8) Set Out Moth Traps


Moth traps consist of flypaper that has been saturated using moth pheromones to attract and trap them. This may be the best means of catching adult moths and to prevent them from reproducing.

The best means of preventing moths from invading your household is by stopping them from entering your home in the first instance. You should ensure that you are washing and rinsing your bed linen on a regular basis prior to storing them correctly. This will ensure that eggs and larvae are killed and cannot reach maturity in storage.

Brushing your clothing, especially those clothes that are made from wool, is the best means of removing larvae that may have attached itself while you have been outside. It is also imperative that you keep your clothing dry as moths tend to congregate in humid conditions. Therefore, sealing your clothing in airtight bags is always recommended.

Cleaning your cabinets using natural cleaners is imperative, and this also applies to your kitchen cupboards and pantry. This ensures that moth eggs are not able to accumulate in dust or dirt within these areas.


To conclude, there are numerous means of removing a moth infestation from your household. The aforementioned moth killer spray is the easiest means of removing moths when your household has become infected, and there are also other methods that you can implement in order to naturally rid yourself of a moth infestation.

Hopefully that you have found this article to be insightful and informative.

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