Are you caring for someone who has Dementia?

Are you caring for someone who has Dementia?

Are you ready to accept help?

We can help – you simply need to reach out.

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We have to say that working with the fabulous Memory Lane Alzheimer’s and Dementia Day Care Centre in Yeadon is an absolute joy! The specialist care provided here is all too clear to see; they are a very special customer, one of those visits we look forward to and find ourselves staying just that bit longer than anywhere else.

What Amanda, Pam and their team of specialist carers have created here is wonderful and, on every visit, we discover something new and unique to help bring enjoyment of life and special memories back to their ‘clients’.

On a recent visit, a discussion was taking place about the Memory Garden which overlooks Yeadon Tarn. A lovely sensory area where clients can sit, watch the abundant wildlife, the many sailing boats and families, all enjoying the open waters of the tarn. However, this is also a place to remember loved ones who have past, with an engraved plaque in the garden. People can come along and sit in the garden to remember past clients and other local people in the area, giving them a place to go and feel closer to those they have lost.

Dementia Care

If you are interested in a plaque in the Memory Garden, or would like to volunteer in any way, call 0113 345 3378.

Two recent additions to Memory Lane are donkeys: Billy and Harbin. Yes, that’s correct – two recently adopted donkeys from the nearby donkey sanctuary; there are plans afoot to visit them at the sanctuary in. Animals are very therapeutic for people living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia and donkeys bring back childhood memories of holidays and donkey rides and happy emotions. What a fantastic idea!

We were keen to find out how they had managed the care they offer throughout lockdown and in fact, we discovered they had to close their much-needed facility and services from March to mid-July, leaving people who live with Alzheimer’s and Dementia without specialist care and stimulation and their families and carers without any respite.

Amanda and Pam fought hard to be allowed to open again, from a mental health perspective as the centre offers much needed routine to their clients and personal time and space for their carers. We are pleased to confirm that Memory Lane was the first day centre of its type to be allowed to re-open in the country! That is thanks to the passion and commitment of Pam and Amanda.

We will continue to offer our personal support to this wonderful facility and encourage anyone with time on their hands to get involved. It is so rewarding and the best thing you will ever do – take our word for it!

Oh, and the day they visit the donkey sanctuary you can guarantee we will be there too. We wouldn’t miss it for the world.

If you would like to know more about Memory Lane; how you can volunteer or have a loved one who would enjoy being at the centre, call Pam or Amanda on 0113 345 3378 or visit their new website www.memorylanecare.co.uk


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