Look how cute everyone is with their glasses on!

The fashionistas of today’s society will never understand why society was once ashamed of wearing glasses to see. Come on, look how cute everyone is with their glasses on! Glasses have the ability to make an outfit pop and feel complete. Anyone who is having an insecure day can hide behind the protection and comfortability of their glasses! Bonus? Glasses help you see near or far depending on your vision (or lack of). 

While glasses are fashionable, there is a right and wrong pair of glasses for you. That’s not to say that you should or shouldn’t wear one pair or the other, but you will know when a pair of glasses looks and feels right with your face shape, your haircut, and even your fashion style. Everything matters from the color of the lens to the shape and size, as well as the practical functionalities of it. 

Your perfect eyewear is essential for you to complete your style, feel comfortable, and see clearly, so how do you discover which glasses are the right ones for you and check off all the boxes? Finding the right pair and fit requires knowing about various styles, shapes, brands, and lenses, like these here, then matching your favorite pairs with the rest of your appearance.

Glasses that are stylin’

What’s trendy today was not trendy last year and most likely won’t be trendy years from now, so it’s best to go for what looks good now, rather than a pair of glasses that will outlive you.

The latest trends include clear frame glasses, a very unisex and minimal style of glasses. They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, but the rims will be completely transparent. These glasses are ideal for the simple individual looking for something versatile, subtle, and still classy. To keep it super simple, choose either clear or nude colored frames, especially if you are someone who wears glasses daily.

Vintage-round, as you might imagine on Harry Potter or John Lenon, are also back(?) in style. These are super cute for the school-girl, sophisticated look. This style is available with wireframes, tortoise frames, or any color you can imagine. Their petiteness really contributes to the cute and innocent appearance, while their reputation screams outspoken intelligence. 

Tortoiseshell is not new to the fashion world, but it is still one of the top trends for prescription glasses or sunglasses! What is new and trending is the white and black tortoiseshell, a fun spin-off of the typical brown and black that you will see many times walking down the streets of London. The white and black offers a more chic look, perfect for city life!

Similar to the vintage-round are the lightweight frames, which are more hipster than they are sophisticated, but they will definitely give you a sense of intelligence to an outsider. The frames can be any variety of gold, silver, copper, etc. and the shape can be round, square, or whatever best suits your style. 

Last, but definitely not least, are the cat-eye glasses! Sophisticated, sexy, retro, wild, and fun, these glasses will speak to your cat-like senses. Many colors, even tortoiseshell and clear, are available if you want to mix it up and get a few multiple trending styles. 

The style you choose matters based on your overall style, and can also be narrowed down to shape and size based on things like your face shape and haircut. 

The right shape and size

Fashionable glasses

While mouse-like facial features on a small, narrow head may look cute with oversized chunky glasses, this is not definitive, and there are no definitive rules when it comes to choosing the right shape and size of glasses for you!

With that being said, you will find many infographics matching face shapes to the trendiest eyewear styles, and it might give you some sort of direction. You may find that it’s accurate, or you may find that it’s not. 

First, identify what kind of face shape you have. Pull your hair back in a tight ponytail if you are not sure what kind of face shape you have, as the way your hair falls might mask some of your facial definitions. Is it round? Square with defined jawlines? Heart-shaped with a defined chin? Triangle-based on your hairline? Diamond? Rectangle? 

Then, consider how eyewear shapes and angles complement and contrast your face shape. Does wearing round glasses make your face seem extra round? Or do they create a flow with your face shape? Do cat-eye glasses conflict with your defined chin? 

Also, consider your facial features. Do you have a skinny nose? If so, do chunky glasses hide that? You can also use glasses to mask certain features or amplify your favorite features! All of this needs to be considered when picking the best eyewear shape and size for you. 

Remember, the infographics, while they may point you in a direction, are not 100% accurate. Finding your favorite pair of glasses, especially if it’s your first time, might require trial and error, trying glasses on in person, and even asking friends and family for their trusted and respectful opinions.

Which brand do you represent?

There are many famous eyewear brands, and their logo or name is often stamped on the side of your frames unless you choose thin, wiry frames. 

Some common names include Ray-Ban, Fossil, Oakley, Chanel, Coach, Gucci, Columbia, Diore, Guess, Prada, Harley Davidson, and more. As you can see with some of these names, brands are really all over the board. 

Why is branding important in your decision for the perfect eyewear? Each brand is tailored to a different audience, oftentimes in different social classes, and they represent different things, sometimes even charitable causes. 

When you purchase a pair of glasses, you are supporting a brand, or business. Not all brands are created equal with ethical work environments, fair pay, animal cruelty, etc., so if any of these things matter to you, it’s going to be in your best interest to do your research before you go in to try on glasses, so you are not left conflicted with cute glasses from a company that you love and one that you can’t see yourself supporting. 

This research will also help you narrow down exactly where to head when you arrive at the store, so you are not overwhelmed with the hundreds of brands there are to choose from!  

How do your new glasses flow with your style?

Lastly, you will want to consider your already-made style. Are you sporty? Chic? Hipster? Artistic? Or do you just like jeans and a tee? This will help you narrow down and determine what fits best with your style! Sporty women probably won’t want to waste their time trying on cat-eye glasses, when their style is more of a clear frame. 

Again, there is no definitive answer, and you might find that the style you like is not the style most often associated with your overall style!

In addition, you will need to consider your haircut, how you like to style your hair, what is your makeup style, etc. You want your overall style to compliment itself in all the different aspects! This will help you discover your perfect eyewear.

If you are still feeling confused and overwhelmed about what glasses you want to rep, just head to a store and start trying them on! If nothing else, this action will help you narrow down what you do and don’t like, and you can get professional guidance from a store representative! 

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