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Words: Ashley Conboy

Someone once said that the hair washing schedule struggle is real and they were not wrong. Our social life is planned around our shampoo days for extreme impact, or in my case, my hair washing schedule is planned around my social life.

Meet Your Hair’s New BFF! – So, imagine our delight when we discovered the playful Canadian-born haircare brand Cake Beauty, specifically their Posh Wash Shampoo that promises to dramatically extend that freshly washed feel so that we can wash our hair less often! We could not wait to get our hands on some!

Further reading into the brands values only heightened our want to try some products. Cake Beauty are 100% Vegan and completely free of any animal testing from suppliers’ ingredients to final product and are certified by PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies as both cruelty free and Vegan. Finally, they are naturally luxe, using only high performing natural ingredients and never any parabens, phthalates, sulphates or talc.

Meet Your Hair’s New BFF!

Meet Your Hair’s New BFF! – If lockdown has taught us anything, it is that self-care is essential, so when the opportunity came to be kindly gifted some Cake Beauty products to try, we picked The Smooth Move Hair Moisture Melt Mask, The Posh Wash Shampoo, The Soft Serve Conditioner and The Hold Out Hairspray in preparation for a good old self-care pamper.

 Meet Your Hair’s New BFF! – I started with the Smooth Move Hair Moisture Melt Mask and decided to take up their SWEET tip of having a sleepover with it soaked through my lockdown-neglected hair. It is packed with Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Bamboo Extract and Vitamin E and the lux butters and oils melt into every strand of hair to replenish missing moisture and restore hair to first class status. Living up to its branding, there was a sweet smell which wasn’t over-powering but definitely caused smiles and sweet dreams and could easily be left on overnight. If overnight masks aren’t your thing – it can also be used after shampooing for a quick 2-3 minute treatment – with the same amazing results!

Your Hair’s New BFF!

Meet Your Hair’s New BFF!

The next morning, grabbing The Posh Wash Shampoo and The Soft Serve Conditioner the shower was calling and I had high hopes for promises of long-lasting freshness between washes. The Posh Wash is driven by an advanced moringa seed micro-protein which polish the hair and scalp whilst helping to fend off dirt and pollutants, it also has aloe leaf juice and apple vinegar poured in too. I could literally feel and smell the shampoo working its magic with its thick lather working every strand and the light scent of lemon cookies floating around. I followed up with the matching Soft Serve Conditioner and as soon as I squeezed it onto my hand the light as meringue yet rich as custard emollient descriptive was evident. Running through the ends of my hair avoiding my roots, the light lemon cookie smell continued, this time topped with a touch of creamy vanilla frosting. I’ve never had such an indulgent hair wash with the scents pitch perfect. My hair already felt stronger and smoother and I was eager to see how it would blow dry (and smell!).

Meet Your Hair’s New BFF!

Half an hour later, my hair was dried, styled and smelt clean and fresh. I didn’t smell like a kid in a candy shop, however every now again the movement would give me a sweet reminder of the beautiful products. I finished with The Hold Out hair spray which has a light as air formula which can be both sprayed to hold your shape in place or gently misted through to add a burst of lasting volume. What I LOVED about this (except again the beautiful lemon smell) was the fact that it has a natural look (long gone are the crisp hair sprayed looks) and remembers your style after brushing!

Meet Your Hair’s New BFF! – Now to put it to the test – could I exceed my normal every other day wash routine? ABSOLOUTELY. A whole 5 days later I succumbed to the fact that it was now hair wash day again – however the lure of these products and their scents, meant hair washing is no longer a chore. Cake Beauty’s products, values and scents – are their selling point and something that definitely made us fall in love – the extended wash is just a bonus for me!

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