Luxury aesthetic clinic is opening on the outskirts of Leeds

We have exciting news! A luxury aesthetic clinic is opening on the outskirts of Leeds on the 12th April, run by renowned practitioner Dr. Raj Thethi.

The Yorkshire Skin Centre is based on the border of Rawdon and Yeadon, just 20 minutes from Leeds city centre, making it easy to find and, with ample onsite parking it will never be a challenge to find a parking space close by as it is in the city.

This fabulous new multi award winning, luxury, purpose designed aesthetic clinic is spread over two large floors and offers an extensive treatment menu. We all want to hold back the signs of aging in a fresh, natural way, so this is super exciting.

Dr Raj Thethi
Dr Raj Thethi

We caught up with Dr Raj as there was so much we wanted to know.

H&N. Your new clinic, The Yorkshire Skin Centre, opening on the outskirts of Leeds is very exciting. Tell us about the clinic and what will set it apart from others in the area?

Dr Raj. Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk about my dream clinic. We are nearing completion now and it’s all getting very exciting. I wanted to create a luxury space which reflected my personal artistic taste as well as my passion for science, medicine and art. Most importantly I wanted to create a centre of excellence for both aesthetic treatments and for aesthetic training in the north of England. I did my research and I haven’t been able to find anything quite like this anywhere in the north. 

The clinic is situated in Rawdon just on the outskirts of Leeds, and over two floors we have six treatment rooms, an operating theatre and a state-of-the-art training centre. Although I love my clinical work and seeing my lovely patients, my other passion is training, so I wanted to create a diverse space where we can meet a variety of training needs. I’m a trainer for two international dermal filler companies so this space will be well utilised and I will be training doctors, nurses and dentists from around the country here in Leeds.

I wanted to create a space where patients can come feel comfortable, get honest and open advice and feel no pressure to have anything done. As a doctor this is at the heart of my ethics and I wanted this reflected in all aspects of my clinic. 

H&N. What do you have planned for the launch?

Dr Raj. Alas, my clinic is another victim of Covid and of course we can’t do a beautiful red carpet open evening like I planned. For now we are rejoicing in the fact that we can open (hopefully) on the 12th of April. We are busy getting the clinic ready and have complimentary goody bags for our patients as well as vouchers as a way of saying thank you and welcome back. Keep your eyes peeled for the big red-carpet event!

Q. Tell us about your own journey and experience in the world of aesthetics.

Dr Raj. I have always had a deep interest in art and architecture. I actually wanted to become an architect at one point, but my love of science and medicine was so strong, so I decided to do medicine at the University of Leeds. 

I also went on to do a separate first-class honours degree in anatomy and after graduating and working as a doctor, I continued my training and completed my core surgical training. I became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the oldest surgical college in the world. 

It’s then that I started looking into medical aesthetics’ seriously and actually discovered that I didn’t want to be a surgeon I wanted to be an artist. And this is where my love of anatomy, medical science and artistry all come together perfectly. I have a deep passion for advanced head and neck anatomy and this for me was the perfect job. I am blessed and very lucky to have found a job that I love doing – creating amazing transformations for my patients. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work, but determination, motivation and persistence got me to where I am now, I feel blessed and humbled to be in this position.

H&N. What are the main types of treatment you offer at The Yorkshire Skin Centre?

Dr Raj. We offer a wide range of treatments at our clinic. I personally focus on face and neck aesthetic treatments mainly involving injectables and skin rejuvenation. I treat a whole host of conditions from simple anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, whole face transformations through to deep chemical skin peels and advanced skincare consultations. These are medical treatments and should only be performed by trained and qualified medical professionals. 

We are also excited to announce we have a very experienced practitioner joining the clinic and she will be offering a wide range of services including laser hair removal, rosacea and pigmentation treatments, broken capillaries, thread veins, invasive and non-invasive skin tightening, micro-needling, skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, fat freezing, ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency-based skin treatments as well as advanced medical skincare consultations. She will also work in house performing a range of semi-permanent make up for our patients. 

As we have our operating theatre in clinic, I have arranged for the lead consultant plastic surgeon for Bradford Royal Infirmary to perform advanced surgical procedures here. These include upper blepharoplasties for heavy lids, mole removal, suspected skin lesions, skin cancer removal, lumps and bumps etc. 

Eventually, we will have other surgeons joining the clinic who will offer treatments such as liposuction, body contouring and whole-body vein treatments.

H&N. What are the most popular treatments for both men and women at the moment?

Dr Raj. The pandemic has brought a new type of patient problem – ‘Zoom Face’! I have lots of patients contacting me asking for small fine lines, wrinkles and little faults to be fixed, things that they’ve never noticed before. But now having their faces pressed against the camera all day long, they want these tiny little tweaks. That is what these treatment are – tweakments. In fact, I am on ‘The Treakments Guide’ By Alice Hart-Davis (https://thetweakmentsguide.com/). 

My patients seek only natural results with the least downtime possible. People don’t want crazy transformations and surgical facelifts anymore, they want tiny subtle natural tweaks that are not obvious, they just give a fresh, healthy rested look that with regular maintenance last for an incredibly long time.

That’s where my aesthetic practice comes into its own. I always say to my patients “No one should be able to tell what you have had done; all they know if you look amazing!”

Specifically, for men I do a lot of masculinisation work making them look more athletic, rugged and this is mainly achieved through dermal fillers placed in strategic locations to improve angles and create definition. I have patients fly in from Australia to get a jaw line done with me. 

H&N. How progressive are the treatments you offer and will you be introducing any new treatments?

Dr Raj. As a doctor, I have an ongoing duty to partake in clinical governance. This means that I must make sure that my treatments are evidence-based, results driven and as safe as possible. Any treatments I perform or bring into the clinic have to be in line with these principles. I only invest in technology which has been tried and tested and has a scientific backing that is both strong and has stood the test of time. There are no experimental treatments in my clinic. Each of the treatments I offer, I have handpicked from industry leading companies and I have personally researched the technology before I made my selections. I have invested heavily to make sure that my patients get the latest, the safest and the most effective treatment for the problems they have. 

For example, last year I researched and invested in the Morpheus8 and FaceTite platform which is cutting edge technology internationally. There is currently, in my opinion, no better nonsurgical skin tightening system in the world. Morpheus8 uses a combination of micro needling with radio frequency. Both used separately they have been known to create skin rejuvenation for many decades. However, this particular technology combines them so that we can deliver incredible levels of energy deeper into the skin where collagen stimulation occurs whilst causing minimal damage to the surface layers, meaning that patients get less downtime and natural, evolving results. 

I don’t want to let all the cats out of my bag just yet, but we have a whole host of new treatments that we will be releasing very shortly so watch this space!

Dr Raj, we are watching with interest and can not wait for your fabulous new clinic to open. We had lots more questions for Dr Raj and we will be sharing these along with his answers over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, follow the progress of the clinic on Instagram @dr.raj.thethi and for further information or to join the wait list call Tel: 01138 872272.

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