La Vida Day Spa, Leeds – Launches Miraculous CACI Sculpt Body Treatment

It’s official, we love La Vida Day Spa in Guiseley, Leeds! This haven of tranquillity looks after every aspect of your wellbeing, inside and out.

We all know that if we look good, we feel good and vice versa. But there are so many reasons why we might not feel good, our skin might not be in good condition for one and anyone can have a breakout if they are under the weather, stressed or on certain medications.

At La Vida Day Spa, Emma and her wonderful team of specialists have amazing treatments to combat all skin problems and give you the perfect glowing, youthful complexion you want. They also look after your body and soul with their in-house spa facilities and superb body treatments.

CACI Body Sculpt

Emma is always researching new treatments, but not just any treatments, she will only introduce the very best, proven solutions to her clients. The latest being launched this month is something the whole team, and us, are excited to tell you about.

CACI Body Sculpt is an innovative body toning system, that provides measurable inch loss as well as firmer, more defined and sculpted body contours. Perfect for ladies and men.

The system features 20 pre-set treatment programmes for slimming, toning, contouring, lymphatic drainage and cellulite, as well as targeted and customisable applications for the stomach, bust, arms, hands, legs, thighs and buttocks.

Most other body treatment systems on the market use technologies that only target the superficial connective tissue and adipose (fat) cells whereas CACI Sculpt penetrates deeper to tone and firm the underlying body muscles.

CACI have attracted an impressive celebrity following, including royalty, film stars, super models, beauty editors and makeup artists from around the globe, and CACI Sculpt is their latest breakthrough body system, providing body toning and measurable inch loss without the dreaded surgery!

How fabulous is this news, when we are approaching that all important Christmas party season – the first in two years and definitely one where we all want to look our best, especially when seeing people we know for the first time in a long time.

CACI Body Sculpt

Confidence is low after hibernating through most of the recent pandemic and we have all let ourselves get comfortable with some bad habits which we are now regretting.

Let Emma and her team at La Vida Day Spa give you back your confidence, even better let them help you to fit into your favourite party frock with CACI Body Sculpt and have your best Christmas ever.

A date for your diary – Saturday 27th November

La Vida Day Spa Christmas Event – showcasing great gift ideas.

Book your Christmas appointments now.

For more information and to book your appointments Call 01943 889559.

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