How your skin changes with the seasons

Louise Thomas-Minns

My passion for the beauty industry began at a very early age. Intrigued by the glamorous adverts in Vogue magazine I landed myself a job in a beauty salon aged 16 as their Saturday girl. I quickly progressed from scrubbing the shower and cleaning product shelves to enrolling in a full time course straight from School.

Brushing the initial despair aside, I was inspired by my own personal journey with acne both as a teenager and a young adult. As a result, I was always keenly interested in ingredient technology and felt that a more innovative approach was needed for successfully nurturing skin back to health.

So, after a decade of research I developed my signature 3D approach to skin health, incorporating a scientific, nutritional and holistic philosophy designed to nurture my skin back to health. This innovative approach was so successful on my own skin that it seemed a natural progression to set up my own skin health business, so I founded Louise Thomas Skin Therapy in my home City of Norwich, going from house to house as a mobile skin therapist until the Skin Lounge was born!

Skin care

One of my motto’s has always been that your skin changes every minute of every day and never more was this true than when we transition through the seasons.

I always treat every season as an opportunity to ‘Spring clean’ my clients routines and skin care cabinets. Throwing away nearly empty jars and tubes with out-of-date product clinging onto them, buying some fresh cleansing cloths and most importantly reviewing what your skin needs right now and for the 3 months ahead.

We need to factor several things in when we are overhauling our skin care regime. What the majority concern is, which season are we about to go into, how much can you afford to spend, any lifestyle changes, any new medications or supplements and any major dietary transitions or life events/stress.

Skin care

If we look at entering Spring, for example, we would be thinking about increasing the use of an SPF, swapping up more extreme versions of exfoliation for gentler forms, using skin specific actives to target those majority skin issues and as a skin health expert and aesthetician, I am always looking at how the skins lipid barrier is performing and therefore if we need to change up the hydrating products moving forward.

We need to address the fact that, researchers have found, up to 85% of skin ageing, for example, is caused by extrinsic factors like excessive exposure to UV rays. Many of the skin concerns I treat that are age related, lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, a degraded protective lipid barrier, are things that usually become more prevalent as we move into the Autumn/Winter months after the onslaught of the Summer and/or hot holidays abroad.

Skin care

The approach in these months is about, repair, rejuvenation, rehydration, resurfacing and re-education! I would bring out the more advanced exfoliation methods, introduce photo dynamic therapy, suggest active ingredients such as Retinols and Vit C, ensure that a diet rich in polyphenols and good fats is being eaten to mop up some of the damage that has occurred during this time.

We are constantly bombarded with a new product or the latest skin care trend and whilst this can be a blessing, we must bear in mind that we are all individuals and I certainly never take a one size fits all approach. Try not to be seduced by what your friends, family or an influencer is using and question what season we are in and would this assist with the skin concerns being faced at that time.

My view is we should think about what we are going to be doing during these seasons, what are we exposing our skin too and what has and has not worked well for our before.


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Louise Thomas-Minns CIBTTAC BABTAC CIDESCO Cert Ed

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