Brand new deep & sensual Fragrances from Jo Malone

A lost moment in time, imagined in the present. Enter a place of fabled beauty lovingly created by a gallant king for his wistful queen under the blazing sun…

Brand new deep & sensual Fragrances – The new Jo Malone London, Lost In Wonder Collection; our biggest launch of the year for Autumn/Winter 2020. The majestic collection has been inspired by the ancient Hanging Gardens, complete with two new permanent additions to our fragrance offering, and officially launched Friday 14th August 2020 exclusively at https://www.jomalone.co.uk/lost-in-wonder.

Full collection listed below for you:

Jo Malone London Lost In Wonder Collection

  • Jo Malone London introduces Lost In Wonder; a new collection inspired by the ancient Hanging Gardens.
  • Jo Malone London adds two scents to its fragrance collection: Fig & Lotus Flower and Cypress & Grapevine. Together they capture the fragrant essence of a majestic scene. 
  • A lost moment in time, imagined in the present. Enter a place of fabled beauty lovingly created by a gallant king for his wistful queen under the blazing sun.
  • Faithfully tended, flush with water-splashed flowers and ripe fruits, trailing vines and statuesque trees. A wonder to behold.
  • Launched Online: Friday 14th August 2020
  • Exclusively at https://www.jomalone.co.uk/lost-in-wonder
Brand new deep & sensual Fragrances

The full Lost In Wonder Collection will include:

  • Fig & Lotus Flower 30ml Cologne RRP £50.00
  • Fig & Lotus Flower 100ml Cologne RRP £100.00
  • Cypress & Grapevine 50ml Cologne Intense RRP £82.00
  • Cypress & Grapevine 100ml Cologne Intense RRP £128.00
  • Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense Exfoliating Shower Gel 200ml RRP £38.00

Lost in Wonder Q&A with Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance and master perfumers Sophie Labbe and Alexis Dadier:

Where did the initial idea for this collection come from?

Celine: Back in 2016, I visited an incredible exhibition that showcased depictions of ancient fabled gardens throughout history. I loved this idea of fantasy and faraway lands, and I was captivated by one story in particular – that of the mythical ‘Hanging Gardens’.

To truly capture the essence of these beautiful gardens we read many books and spoke to an archaeology professor from Oxford. According to the legends, a mighty king planted a lush hillside garden filled with greenery, fruit, trees and streams, all out of love for his queen who missed her homeland.

I was drawn to the romance and picturesque nature of this tale and felt it could be translated into two fragrances with a modern Jo Malone London twist. We imagined the fresh, heady, spicy aromas that might have mingled in the air along the garden’s shaded walkways and the fruits and flowers beneath them, and we wanted to capture something along those lines.

How did you start working with Sophie and Alexis, and why did you choose them for this collection?

Celine: We chose Sophie Labbe and Alexis Dadier – two talented perfumers – for the project. We have worked with Sophie many times before, whereas Alexis is new to Jo Malone London. We met with him a few months before we started working on these scents and were inspired by his approach to fragrance – he is like a poet with ingredients and speaks about them like fairy tales. When we met, he introduced me to some accords that felt perfect for Jo Malone London, capturing the naturality and Britishness that is so important to us.

Early in the development stages of this collection, we came across an exhibition at the British Museum that helped to bring the story to life. We managed to arrange a visit to the exhibition together with Sophie and Alexis to see an ancient, fragile (and rarely shown) stone carving of what the mythical Hanging Gardens might have looked like. By shining coloured light onto the carved stone, the exhibition curators were able to pick out the details of a historic garden in living colour, turning stone-coloured trees to vivid green and sandy earth to rich brown. Criss-crossing the groves and walkways of the royal gardens was flowing water, rippling in streams of blue.

How did you decide on the two fragrances?

Celine: The story of the garden is so rich, so we needed to create two fragrances to fully do the inspiration justice. We were drawn to some really interesting ingredients: during our research we discovered that the king liked to go into the gardens to hand-pick ripe figs for his breakfast, and that lotus flowers were often used for their scent during the king’s receptions in the gardens. The grapevine calls to mind the wine served at these celebrations, surrounded by statuesque trees such as the cypress tree.

How did the visit to the exhibition affect the development of the scents?

Celine: We had originally set out to create a dark fig fragrance, something deep and sensual. But when we reflected on all that we had seen at the exhibition, we realised that figs were surrounded by lush flowers, plants and flowing water. When we saw the lotus flowers in the relief, the perfect pairing came to us. From then on, we focused more on a watery fig with hints of lotus flower.

When it came to the collection as a whole, we wanted a way to translate the greenness and lushness of the gardens, which fitted perfectly with creating Cypress & Grapevine as a fougere fragrance with a fresh, aromatic top and less spice.

Alexis: I really think the journey we went on made the fragrances better, because it was such a happy and special experience.

Sophie: It was so special to learn about these mythical gardens in such a different and unique way. It really helps you deliver an exceptional fragrance – as a perfumer this is a wonderful way to work.

What makes this collection so Jo Malone London?

Celine: Many people are interested and curious about faraway lands and culture and want to learn from them. So, creating an olfactive interpretation of a historical legend from a distant place offers that wanderlust. The British Museum is proof that British archaeologists were some of the first to have an interest in faraway lands. They bring a very sophisticated and elegant vision of ancient artefacts and myths. Both fragrances have a unique freshness to them which is very Jo Malone London.  

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