A Natural Hair Growth Supplement Developed for Women


Hair Divine is a vegan food supplement exclusively made from natural sources and developed for women to help promote and improve the growth, quality and regeneration of hair.

It has been developed as a plant-based supplement designed to be additive, preservative and ‘unreadable ingredient’ free.


Following careful research, Hair Divine has been created to be a nutritional and beauty supplement, specifically designed to have a spectrum of benefits for women. It is the perfect vitamin supplement for women in all stages of life, including pregnancy and menopause. As plant based dietary tablets, it is suitable for those following vegan and vegetarian diets.

Throughout our lives, many factors affect the quality and growth of our hair such as over styling, stress and poor dietary choices. To grow and sustain a healthy head of hair it is essential you maintain the right nutritional balance for your body. Hair Divine helps by supplementing your diet with important nutrients and vitamins for faster and stronger hair growth.

We are living in a more health-conscious society and demand for natural foods and products is on the rise. More people are opting for foods and dietary supplements derived from natural sources and free from chemicals and additives.


Bamboo Shoots: bamboo is a popular, eco-friendly nutritional source. Bamboo is a source of silica, which has multiple benefits including stimulating growth, regenerating damaged hair surface, reducing hair thinning, preventing scalp skin damage and adding shine and softness.

Brewer’s Yeast: a great source of protein, vitamin B, and minerals. It supports effective hair regeneration and improves the overall condition of hair.

Amino Acids: L-Taurine, L-cysteine and L-Leucine, all necessary for hair growth, hair health, supporting hair loss and increasing hair strength

Vitamins B9, B5 and B6: essential nutrients for the growth of healthy hair cells, promoting hair growth and keeping it nourished, shiny and soft.

Hair Divine has been developed to give you the option to bring natural hair tablets into your beauty routine, helping you live an easier, healthier lifestyle.

£29.99 for a 2-month supply, available at www.hairdivine.co.uk or amazon.co.uk

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