Bald Chef Nick’s Simple Pickling Tip

@baldchefnick Simple Pickling Tip

Bald Chef Nick is full of great cooking hints and tips and we love this simple pickling tip.


1 Empty jar of pickles with pickling liquid left in it


1 Cucumber or other chosen vegetables

What do you do with the pickling liquid in a jar of pickles when you’ve eaten the last one?

Well don’t despair! This is a great tip for not only creating another jar full of your favourite pickles but also a cost saving simple method.

So your left with a jar of pickling liquid, normally half full as it will reach the top when your chosen ingredients are loaded into it. I love cucumbers but you can use almost anything and there is such a wide choice. 

Simply cut your cucumber (or chosen veg) to size and pack it full until it reaches the top of the jar. Place the jar in the fridge for 3 -5 days dependent on how ‘pickly’ you like your pickles and hay presto you have a new batch of pickles to enjoy!

This only works once for full flavour but not only do you get pickles at the fraction of the original cost, they are often even more delicious.


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