An Unbelievably Tantalising Location for Afternoon Tea

If you have never enjoyed the relaxing vibes of taking afternoon tea with friends or family, we think you've been missing out. Read on why...

If you step into The Light in Leeds you will find a new addition to the café and restaurant scene, one that serves the prettiest Afternoon Tea.

Fleur Café located in the main courtyard within the Light has inside seating and courtyard seating to accommodate everyone.

From the moment you enter Fleur Café your senses are treated to a variety of experiences. The colour of the floral displays, the neon lighting, and the swing seat are all a treat for your eyes, and the flavours from the drinks and food are a real treat for your tastebuds.

If you look up once inside Fleur Café you will see 10,000 dainty pastel-coloured butterflies hanging from the ceiling, all perfectly placed for maximum wow factor. Even the staircase that leads down to extra café tables and the very pretty loos are lit with neon wording. Furthermore this entire venue is an Instagrammers dream location!

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is a must at Fleur Café, especially as it has been handcrafted by Master Chef finalist Bobby Geetha. Bobby’s background is from the London Hilton scene, where he used to serve over 500 afternoon teas every day!

There isn’t anything that Bobby Geetha doesn’t know about his art of Afternoon Tea making. His attention to detail is second to none, you just have to try his luxury cakes and sandwiches to realise that this is a great Afternoon Tea.

Each Afternoon Tea is made just moments before the guests arrive, so that it is ready to serve as fresh as it can be. Homemade quaint chocolate cakes, mini pastries, perfectly formed cupcakes and divine scones are served alongside coronation chicken wraps, delectable cheese samosas, and prawn and avocado rolls. This really is a tasty 3-tiered Afternoon Tea.

The drinks menu is as fabulous as the food menu; there are milkshakes, hot drinks, and of course amazing cocktails to enjoy whilst visiting Fleur Café. And if you want to show off to your friends this is the perfect place to Insta from!

The only question that remains is would we revisit? Yes, we absolutely would.

Fleur Cafe

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