Three things to do in the UK

With the United Kingdom now starting to ease restrictions and come out of lockdown, a lot of people are now looking for things to do in the UK with the nice weather or on a rainy day. A lot of people, however, are unsure what they can do and what is available to them in the UK to help them get out more and enjoy some time away from home, which a lot of people would be craving right now.

If you are someone that is looking for things to do while remaining in the United Kingdom, then this guide should hopefully give you some ideas of what you can do.

Check out the beautiful countryside

The UK, although small, has copious amounts of countryside available and spreads across many different parts of the UK. It is made up of beautiful hillsides, massive woodlands and hardy moorland, it allows you a variety, and there are many parks that are setup in these beautiful areas to make it easy to find your way around and make it a beautiful day out or if you want you can go out with barely anything and hike through these beautiful landscapes to give you the closest and best experiences in nature.

Check out some historical locations

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The UK is steeped in history, so it is of no surprise that it has many locations you can visit of a historical nature. There is a massive variety to choose from too you could check out the many castles and castle ruins still around; there are stately homes you need to visit in the UK to believe their beauty and many sites like the stone henge which are full of history and mystery. The number of locations there are means you have plenty of options for just yourself or with the family to there is plenty for all to visit.

Check out the coasts

Obviously, the UK is an island, so there are plenty of coats to explore, some for sunbathing and relaxing and others for exploring and fossil hunting. There is a whole stretch of coast called the Jurassic coast which is littered with fossils for you to look for, and this is great fun if you had kids; there are also numerous coasts in Devon and Cornwall which are great for sunning yourself and even have little hidden coves with beaches so you can enjoy some privacy while you sun yourself and relax, with the amount of coast you have many options up north too with some coastland in Scotland which can be cold but is absolutely beautiful.

If you are looking for something to do in the UK now we are getting more freedom to move around and restrictions are easing, then these few ideas should get you started and give you some options for you to fill your weekends and time off, and allow you to explore more of the beautiful island that is the United Kingdom.


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