The Netherlands is a Cool Destination

It’s hard to think past Christmas at the moment, but it will pass as it always does and our minds will turn to weekends away, European travel and how to make 2024 a truly fantastic year.

We recently had the honour of attending an event held by Visit Netherlands in Paris. Here, the most prestigious art museums and galleries from across the Netherlands gathered to present their 2024 exhibitions. And what a year it is going to be!

The allure of the Netherlands extends beyond its cultural richness, making it an enticing destination for an extended stay. When contemplating a longer visit, exploring options for long-term apartments for rent in the Netherlands proves to be a practical and immersive choice. The country’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities offer a diverse range of living experiences, from canal-side apartments in Amsterdam to tranquil dwellings in the countryside. Engaging in the local lifestyle through long-term residence allows you to fully absorb the cultural tapestry showcased in the museums and galleries. Immerse yourself not just in temporary exhibitions, but in the daily rhythm of Dutch life, creating lasting memories during your extended stay in this captivating destination.

If you enjoy a more culturally enriched trip away, the Netherlands could be the destination for you.  We heard from 11 galleries and museums from the Hague to Amsterdam and about exciting, new and thought-provoking exhibitions.

It was hard to choose, but here are my Top 3 must see exhibitions in the Netherlands

  1. The Rembrandt House Museum – the iconic 17th Century Dutch painter’s house, where he lived for 19 years has been turned into a museum in the heart of Amsterdam. This immersive experience includes a multi-media tour in 12 languages which enables you to imagine his life and sources of inspiration for his work. They have etching demonstrations and show you how he made his paint to create his masterpieces. A brilliant day out for the family whilst in visiting Amsterdam.

  • For the fashion fans the Kunstmuseum Den Haag is currently working on “Dior – A New Look” (working title) for the Autumn of 2024. They are currently working with Dior Heritage to curate the ultimate experience tying the founding father Christian Dior’s work to the current creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri. Set in this modern art museum boasting 160,000 pieces it would be a fabulous day out for fashion and modern art fans.
Netherlands Dior

  • The third exhibition that struck a poignant chord with me was Art in the Third Reich – Seduction and Distraction. Museum Arnhem will be displaying 90 pieces of art that demonstrate the propaganda, manipulation and idealisation that Nazi Germany were promoting to further their cause. Not unlike today’s dissection of language and images used in the media by regimes. Maybe this thoughtful and powerful exhibition will help us learn from past mistakes.

The Netherlands is a cool, easily accessible destination any time of the year and this rich layer of culture only makes it more exciting for a memorable trip away.

Review and Images by Emmie Blower @emmiebhungry

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