Ssshhh!!! Top 5 Must-See attractions in North of England

Most travellers and tourists overlook the north of England for the glamorous cities down south.

Little do they know of the stunning scenes and the beautiful villages to be found in the north. Look below to find the top ten must-see attractions of north England.

Beatles Story In Liverpool 

The Beatles hold a significant amount of influence over modern British culture. And even though the famous zebra crossing over In Abbey Road, London is well-known. You’ll find a more exciting and captivating experience at this Museum paying tribute to undoubtedly the most prominent British band of all time! Click the link here for further information, prices, and availability: https://www.beatlesstory.com/.

The Lake District 

Lake District

If your a countryside lover then this is the place for you! With over sixteen lakes to its name and plenty of mountains, the Lake District is a place you really should be visiting if you find yourself in the north of England. Lake District happens to be a UNESCO protected national park. You can go paddleboarding on the lakes or hiking if that’s what appeals to you.


Now on to the cities! The North of England isn’t only the countrysides and rural areas; there are plenty of big cities in the north as well! A particular favourite being Manchester. Manchester is a new and vibrant city with plenty of pubs, restaurants, and tattoo parlours. It’s well known for its parties and night-life. It’s a fun and accepting place for anyone, so you should be well-suited visiting there. You’ll most likely need transportation to get around this vast city. SCVH provides vehicle hire of different sizes. SCVH has cars and vans at fair prices, so you can’t go wrong renting from SCVH!

Lancaster Castle

Kancaster Castle

Certainly a more grimy part of England’s History, Lancaster castle was once a working prison for inmates and only recently has it been turned into a court for trialling residents of crimes. Shockingly they provide guided tours elaborating deeply on the old customs of the castles, more specifically the Pendle witch trials. During your trip, you’ll witness the hanging corner, and you’ll be shocked to hear that the whereabouts where they buried the criminals have been turned into a parking lot! Visit http://www.lancastercastle.com/ for further information and to book your spot!

National Glass Centre

The main aim of this tourist attraction is to educate people through the glass, encouraging them to become fun and creative. Here you can walk on the glass and look down below (scary right!). Located in the city of Sunderland this is a great place to visit if you have children but at the same time can be enjoyed by everyone! You can choose to do workshops and projects involving glass, shop around for glass trinkets and other objects, or dine and wind down at the glass centre restaurant.

All in all, North of England provides a pleasurable experience, unlike no other. You’re able to choose from a wide variety of tourist attractions and cities. There’re so many different landscapes to be seen and activities to be done so you should aim to visit the North of England one day!

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