Make 2022 YOUR Adventure Year

Are you planning on making 2022 a year of adventure? Many people are making plans to get out and explore more in 2022 with life hopefully returning to almost normal.

Road trips can be a great way to do this as you can explore all over the UK and visit the major cities as well as everywhere in between. Let the adventure begin.

Getting Prepared


When it comes to a road trip, preparation is everything. Obviously, you need to have your routes mapped out and accommodation booked, but you also need to consider your vehicle. It is a good idea to get the vehicle serviced to ensure that it is in good condition, but you should also make sure that you have warranty protection in case you encounter any issues while behind the wheel.

So, where are a few places that you should look to tick off for your big adventure?



Cambridge is one of the UKs most prestigious cities and somewhere that has a unique charm to it. Punting on the River Cam, wandering around and seeing the impressive architecture and exploring the many great galleries and museums are a few of the best activities to try.


Brighton is another city quite unlike any other down on the South Coast. It is known for its laid back and friendly feel with plenty to see and do, including the beach, the pier and exploring the Laines filled with independent shops, pubs and cafes.


Often overlooked, Durham is a brilliant place to visit in the northeast with award-winning attractions. A few of the key highlights include Durham Cathedral, Durham Castle, Crook Hall and the Botanic Garden at Durham University.


Liverpool is one of the UK’s best-loved cities and it is easy to see why. A place of great historical and cultural significance, Liverpool is bursting with highlights and attractions including Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool Cathedral, The Beatles Story and Liverpool F.C along with an excellent food and drink scene.


Another place worth exploring on the south coast, Bournemouth has something for everyone. A few of the highlights here include the beach, Lower Gardens, Corfe Castle and Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig World. Bournemouth is also surrounded by natural beauty, so there is a lot of exploring that can be done nearby as well.

Hopefully, this article will give you some inspiration and a few ideas for places to visit in 2022. Road trips can be a fantastic and fun way to explore the UK as you can see the major cities and everywhere in between, plus there is something special about being behind the wheel with the open road ahead of you. These are a few of the best places to visit but there are plenty of others to consider as well.

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