Five Travel Tips to Ease Summer Airport Chaos!


With the summer getaway at its peak, there seems little chance of the UK’s airport chaos easing anytime soon – spelling misery for thousands of holidaymakers.

A combination of factors including flight cancellations, security staff shortages and fewer baggage handlers has resulted in huge queues at airports and depressing media headlines. Heathrow, the UK’s biggest airport, has even warned the misery could continue to 2026 – not the news travellers want to hear.

However, Global Travel Collection UK travel advisor, Duncan Greenfield-Turk, owner of Global Travel Moments, has five tips to ease the misery.

1.     Choose Valet Parking. It may not be the cheapest option when parking your car, but drive right up to the door, hand over the keys and walk straight into the airport. It’s timesaving and will avoid you having to be shuttled in from the airport car parks and making your journey even longer.

2.     Pack light. Checking in luggage and waiting for it after landing is one of the biggest headaches currently facing passengers. Duncan has been advising clients to pack light so you can carry on your luggage and avoid the queues. 


3.     Book lounge access. Airports are heaving and so are the departure lounges. Ease the stress and make the most of waiting for your flight by booking a place in an airport lounge.  Avoid the crowds, the queues for food and drink and get wi-fi and sockets to keep your gadgets charged. Prices vary from around £25-50 per person. Book in advance for the best price.

4.     Charge up! If you’re travelling with children, then this is essential. Invest in battery packs to keep your phones and tablets charged at the airport – especially with very few sockets available. If you get a delay, they will ensure the power doesn’t run out and you won’t have bored kids. Also, download any games, TV shows and films, and music before getting to the airport.


5.     Security Fast Track. A small outlay and a huge sigh of relief. With the queues to get through security one of the biggest issues at airports, it is worth splashing out a few pounds to skip the queues and get through to duty free and the departure lounges without the wait! Book via the airport, airline or travel advisor.

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