Beware the Ghost! The History Of The Castle Is Inescapable

Lumley Castle Hotel – For more than six centuries, the magnificent spectacle of Lumley Castle has dominated the County Durham landscape.

Lumley takes its name from the man who was behind its creation, Sir Ralph Lumley, who turned his vision of building a castle into a reality back in the 14th Century. Ralph Lumley was a well-know figure, a popular soldier, renowned for his bravery in battle at a time when England and Scotland were almost constantly at war. He played a key role in the defence of Berwick-on-Tweed in 1388 and later that year led the attack at the Battle of Otterburn.

Despite Ralph’s heroic bravery he was captured by the Scots and imprisoned. He was released a year later and upon his return he petitioned the Bishop of Durham to allow him to convert the manor house built by his ancestors into a castle – the remains of which can still be seen at the castle to this day.

Fast forward 600 years to the present day and Lumley Castle Hotel delivers a modern, sophisticated four star hotel experience complete with awe inspiring architecture and a wonderfully imposing presence. The hotel has been designed around the original medieval plans so expect showers in turrets, discos in the dungeons and rumours of a Ghost named Lilly, once married to the battle weathered Ralph.

The hotels primary restaurant, The Knights Restaurant, has just been completely refurbished and sets the scene for Great British Menu TV Chef Craig Sherrington to deliver cutting edge menus that focus on local and seasonal ingredients.

Lumley also showcases one of the most technologically advanced Escape Rooms in Britain which is set deep in the depths of the castle. This compelling experience challenges all to discover the secret behind the ghost of Lilly of Lumley and to test whether willing participants can escape before it is too late! It’s a great option for a family group of up to six people.

Covid-19 has been challenging for all business in all industries. However, the safety policy at Lumley is comprehensive. From the disinfected individually wrapped pen used to check-in, to the fully masked staff, all arriving guests are immediately put at ease. The hotel may be operating within the new normal and provides great hospitality and welcoming staff with a twinkle in their eye.

Weddings and events remain a key focus and the hotel has fully adapted to gatherings of 30 or less. The hotel also continues to be popular with local businesses for corporate meetings and private dining events.

Lumley Castle

General Manager, Gordon Cartwright, admits that running such a prestigious hotel is both a challenge and a privilege. ‘It’s very much a case of ‘on the shoulders of giants go I’. The history of the castle is inescapable. Even on a daily basis I finish work thinking I’ve been working on the movie set of Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. The atmospherics are just incredible and go a long way in impressing new and repeat guests. We’ve re-opened our doors and are delighted to be welcoming back our visitors after the last few months. ”

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