ZHIYUN PuriBar Sanitisation Device

What is a PuriBar Sanitisation Device? It is an eco-friendly sanitisation device that kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses in mere minutes. Plus, the PuriBar is pocket-sized, making it portable and easy to transport anywhere it’s needed.

PuriBar One Twist

The ZHIYUN PuriBar Sanitisation Device itself is small and lightweight, and weighs just 100g. It cleans air via two layers of purification – ozone and negative ions. They increase the flow of oxygen and clear the air of lung irritants and airborne allergens such as pollen, mould spores, bacteria and viruses. PuriBar also eliminates chemicals, smoke and even odour, leaving no secondary pollutants. Only oxygen remains once used!

With just one twist, the built-in ozone generator automatically releases a combination of ozone and negative ions to permeate every corner of an enclosed space in whatever the PuriBar is being used to purify. The PuriBar even notifies users of disinfection success by beeping to indicate the start and finish of sanitisation cycles.

By safeguarding the health of the whole family through disinfection in just a few minutes, users can negate any allergy risks. Equally by using the PuriBar it eliminates other risks including both pet odours and cooking odours in and around the home. Finally leaving a clean and extremely fresh environment.

The PuriBar offers 4 simple modes, and takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge:

Handbag Mode, purifies up to 5L in just 4 minutes

Backpack Mode, purifies up to 20L in just 6 minutes

Suitcase Mode, purifies up to 30L in just 8 minutes

Loop Mode, releases ozone for 4 minutes on a recurring cycle every 2 hours until the battery runs out. Loop Mode can last up to 9 hours.

Once the PuriBar has finished its cycle, simply twist back into the original position and move on to the next item that needs purifying.

Included within the ZHIYUN PuriBar Sanitisation Device box is the PuriBar itself and a universal charger. Available from PuriBar, priced at £54.99 (from 20th October).

ZHIYUN PuriBar Sanitisation Device Written by Rachel McAlley

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