Where To Go If You’ve Been Sold a Faulty Car in The North West

If you feel like you’ve been sold a car in the north west region that’s faulty, then you will have options with what to do next. This article will go over the basics of how to claim, as well as knowing your rights.

Find Out If You Can get a Repair or Refund

Before you do anything, you should speak to the dealer you purchased your car from, to find out what your options are. The most ideal situation is to have the car fixed or replaced to save the hassle of further car searching and going through the refund process.

Importance Of Time

You must understand the time constraints related to purchasing your car in terms of consumer law. If you have owned a car for less than 30 days, then you are fully within your right to claim a full refund from a dealer if it is faulty in any way. Otherwise, you can ask for the car itself to be repaired or rejected.

If you have owned it for more than 30 days, then you must give the dealer the chance to repair or replace it before a refund. Within the first few months, if you take the vehicle back then the dealer will need to accept there was a problem, offering a partial refund or replacement if there is a problem that can be proved.

How To Make a Claim

It may be that eventually, you will need to claim to get your money back. That’s why it’s important to understand your consumer rights when it comes to purchases. If you’ve bought a car from a dealer, then you will have the same rights as anyone purchasing a product from a shop.

That’s why you can use solicitors to chase your legal rights on your behalf if you need to. Ashwood Solicitors understand consumer law in-depth and can help you resolve any consumer disputes that you may have with your new car purchase, based in the northwest of England. With a strong legal team behind you, you will be able to get an issue resolved and get your money back.

Some consumer cases could go to court, which means you will need a legal team that understands consumer legislation. These sorts of issues will mostly be dealt with within a county court. In most cases, your team will work with you and the business to help strike a deal without the need for going to court.

Difference Between a Private And Public Seller

If you decide to purchase your car from a private seller, then that makes things slightly more difficult when it comes to the Consumer Rights Act. A seller in this instance must still accurately describe the product, in this case, a car, and not misrepresent it. However, enforcing these rights can be a challenge without the right backing and evidence, especially if a seller isn’t willing to work with you.

Buying a new or used car from a dealer who operates as a legally registered business is a different matter, where they will be more inclined to resolve a dispute to protect their business reputation and not break any consumer laws.

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