What to do if you lose your keys!

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Whether you’ve just had the night of your life and have stumbled to your front door or if you’ve just returned home from a long holiday, realising that you’ve just lost your keys is never a good feeling. It can make you panic, it’ll make you concerned about break-ins, and it might ruin the otherwise fantastic time you had away.

If you ever find that you no longer have your keys, then here are a couple of things to keep in mind so that you can stay calm and solve the issue as soon as possible.

Double-check everything before you start to panic

If you’ve just come back home from a night out then it’s normal to feel a bit dazed. You might be in a panic because you think someone has stolen your keys, but there’s also a good chance that you’ve just not checked your bag properly. Always make sure you double-check your pockets, your bags, and also see if you’ve accidentally given your keys to a friend or family member who has come home with you. But if you still can’t find them and are certain that they’ve gone missing, then there are other things you should do.

Get in touch with a locksmith so you can get in

Unless you’re able to lockpick yourself into your home, you should get in touch with a local locksmith to help you get in. There are also 24/7 locksmiths if you find yourself locked out of your home late at night or early in the morning. A locksmith can either let you in as soon as they get to your place, or they can even be used to change your locks if you’re concerned about someone having your keys and potentially breaking into your home. This can be expensive, but it’s worth the safety and peace of mind that you’ll get.

Speak to your insurance company and potentially even the police

Insurance companies are often willing to cover the costs of lost keys. Make sure you get a receipt from the locksmith so you know exactly how much you’ve paid and it can then be paid for by your insurance company. Alternatively, you may also want to contact the police if you think they’ve been stolen and you have a good idea of who may have taken them. Some insurance companies may also require you to file a police report if you’re making a theft claim.

Consider preparing a backup for the future

Human hand uses mobile phone to sense room door.

Of the many different exterior home modifications we can make, it’s helpful to have some kind of backup in the future to give you peace of mind in case this happens again. For example, you could consider installing a smart lock on your door instead of having a regular lock. This way, you can just open your door by scanning your phone or even by punching in a passcode instead of using your keys. This can be helpful in many situations and may give you more peace of mind because you’re more likely to have your phone with you.


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