Stand and deliver: Varidesk PROPLUS standing desk review

The first time I was made aware of the standing desk concept was about three years back, when a heavily pregnant colleague began using one in the office. I’ll admit that my initial thought was ‘’what the hell is that?!’’, and I suspect I wasn’t the only one to react in this manner.

As her due date neared and we got used to the seemingly alien set-up, however, her enthusiasm for the benefits of a standing desk began to pique my interest. I began thinking about the pain in my lower back after seven hours of being sat in front of my laptop, five days a week.

Having just hit 40, I’m aware of the extra effort required to keep my body as fit as can be and jumped at the chance to road test the Varidesk PROPLUS.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers in standing desk solutions, Varidesk hail from Coppell in Texas and have built up a loyal customer base across the US. According to their website, 98% of Fortune 500 companies have integrated Varidesk into their workspace.

So, enough of the blurb – what are the benefits? Well, according to research, there’s several ways a standing desk can positively impact your health and wellbeing:  

  • Reduction in back pain
  • Lower risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Helps improve mood and energy levels

On top of these health benefits, many companies that utilise standing desks have noticed that employees are likely to be more collaborative with one another. Now, I can’t vouch for all of the above, but during the four weeks I road tested the Varidesk PROPLUS model, I did find that my lower back pain had largely disappeared.

I also found that my mid-afternoon energy lulls were not quite as draining, which in turn has meant that I’m less likely to grab a sugary snack or a late caffeine fix. How much you use the Varidesk is down to personal preference. I personally found that sitting at my conventional desk for the first and last hours of the day and the standing desk in the hours between works.

As for the product itself, the PROPLUS is a lot sleeker and more visually appealing than the promotional photos might suggest. The desk also has enough space to comfortably accommodate two monitors (essential for my job) and is easily adjustable.

And, if like me you are not one for DIY, then you’ll be pleased to know the desk is an out of the box and ready to go kind of product. Cost wise, the Varidesk isn’t especially cheap at £275 for the 30-inch model, but given the durability and long-term benefits, this isn’t too bad.

Final verdict

The Varidesk PROPLUS is a slick piece of kit that should be welcomed into any modern workplace looking to boost health and wellbeing amongst employees. And, whilst we cannot vouch for the long list of impressive health benefits, it’s a strong recommend from team H&N.

The Varidesk PROPLUS was sent to H&N in exchange of an honest review. For more information on Varidesk and their product range, head to their website.



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