Most Reliable Car Brands

When you’re shopping for a new car, you’ll probably be weighing a number of key factors. What’s the fuel economy like? Does it come with adaptive cruise control? How comfortable is the drive? Is there enough room in the boot?

One consideration that should be near the top of the list is reliability. A purchase that spends too much time in the repair shop is a liability – it will not only cost you money directly, but also hinder your professional life. As such, it’s worth considering which manufacturers really distinguish themselves when it comes to reliability. Let’s take a look at the list of most reliable car brands.


This German manufacturer is synonymous with precision engineering and luxury. It’s favoured by the executive class, but offers vehicles to suit every kind of motorist. The X5 is particularly popular, with its SUV dimensions and fully-featured interior.

most reliable car brands BMW

Shop for BMW gap insurance and you’ll be able to buy new without fear of going into negative equity. In the long run, this can make financing a vehicle much more affordable, while mitigating the risks of making such a purchase.


Lexus is actually an offshoot of Toyota, established to appeal to the premium market. Just ahead of its parent company, Lexus regularly sits at the top of reliability surveys among motorists. It even manages to stand out in the notoriously unreliable hybrid and EV markets, with the UX and NX sitting well above average.

most reliable car brands Lexus


This manufacturer of affordable, compact cars has drawn plaudits in recent years, thanks to its commitment to quality and reliability. This has been mirrored in reliability surveys, where Kia earns a consistently high ranking. In cars aged between six and twenty, Kia sits at just under 90% reliability – just between Honda and Mitsubishi. While it might have a reputation for being cheap, this doesn’t mean a loss in build quality.

most reliable car brands KIA


The Chevrolet lineup is packed with recognisably American-style muscle cars and pickup trucks. In the former category, we have the Camaro and Corvette; in the latter we have the Colorado and Silverado. But the brand is actually even more broad-ranging than that, with electric models like the Bolt and Blazer EVs causing a stir. What all of these vehicles have in common is their reliability – though it’s still worth doing your research before investing in any specific model.


most reliable car brands Mini

The Mini is a British motoring icon (albeit one that’s no longer owned in Britain), with its distinctive chunky looks. These cars aren’t just iconic, however: they’re also dependable, in fact, one of the most reliable car brands. The Cooper sits well above the competition at this end of the market, regularly scoring highly in motoring surveys. The Countryman and Hardtop Cooper are both excellent options for motorists in search of a reliable vehicle.

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