Is your Car Completely Ready for your next summer trip?

Having your vehicle prepared for an upcoming summer trip with family is very important. You do not want an uneasy and troublesome journey, hence having a look at important vehicle parts should be your priority before heading for the trip. 

Check Engine Oil and Fluids

Road trip

Properly inspecting your engine oil and fluids will help you examine whether your car requires fluid refreshing or not.  If you are checking your engine oil then you require examining the oil level by putting engine oil dipstick. The dipstick has a marked sign for maximum and minimum oil levels. You can see whether your engine oil is below or upto the marked level by looking at oil on the stick. You can also check power steering fluid through the same method using the dipstick. The difference is that power steering fluid usually has pinkish or white wine color. Other important fluids that you need to check are the brake fluid usually identified by the text on the cap and windshield washer fluid marked in the same way.

Proper MOT Certificate 

It is mandatory for every vehicle in the UK to have an updated MOT certification. MOT itself is a proper vehicle test that ensures mandatory vehicle parts are in proper working conditions. Carrying an updated MOT certificate while you are driving anywhere in the UK  is important because in case you do not have it , it will be a compulsion for you to pay a hefty sum that can be upto £1,000 ! 

Having an MOT proof car during your trip will help you in your and your family’s own safety as all important vehicle tests are carried out to make your car roadworthy and safety proof. In this way you can easily save up on extra car repair costs along with extra checks on your car. If you are a local, you can book MOT from experts at DAT Tyres (020 8969 3030)

Check the AC 

At times we vigilantly inspect all vehicle parts and necessary things used to run our car. However we might not know that few components of vehicles like the AC need to be tested beforehand too. In order to see whether AC will work properly during the journey or not , you require a test drive with your air conditioner running beforehand as sometimes it may work well for a few hours but later it might lower its cooling. If this is the case that means you would have to take your car for vehicle repair. 

Top up your Fuel 

Road trip

No one wants to get stranded with their family during a long road trip. In the hassle of packing your necessary essentials the idea of filling up your car tank may slip off your mind. Hence, topping your fuel from a nearby gas station will save you from later inconvenience of filling up fuel. In this way you will experience a smooth and pleasant drive.

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