3 Technology habits you may need to break

From biting our nails to eating too many sweets, we can all fall prey to the occasional bad habit or two. And when it comes to bad habits, we need only look at our relationship with technology.

Yes, technology can support us in business and give us the opportunity to relax, but it can also become a problem in our lives. You need only consider the bad technology habits that we refer to here. Can you relate to any of them?

Bad Technology Habits:

Habit #1: Being quick to replace something

Bad Technology habits

Technology is rarely cheap so it’s not advisable to replace what we have bought just because of a malfunction or because a better version has been announced. If something can be repaired, we should contact the relevant people, such as a headphone repair service if we have a problem with our personal audio devices. And if a newer version of something hits the market, we should take a step back before buying and ask ourselves one simple question: Is it worth spending hundreds of pounds on something that is similar to what I already own? 

So, don’t spend a lot of money on something that can easily be repaired. And don’t buy into the next big thing if it is too similar to what you own already. Save money by resisting the urge to spend as you might be able to get something even better if you wait a while longer. 

Habit #2: Not taking a break from screens

Many of us tell our kids to take a break from their screens but what about ourselves? A quick glance outside of your window will alert you to the number of adults that are currently glued to their phones! You might be attached to your phone on a near 24/7 basis too, checking your Facebook pages, tweeting your life updates, and taking pictures of anything and everything to show to your friends. You might spend a lot of time in front of the TV too, especially if you like to binge-watch your favourite shows. And whether it’s for work or leisure, you might stare at your computer screen a little too much too!

There are health risks related to screen time so it is important to take regular breaks. There is also the danger that you might miss out on other things you enjoy in life, such as hanging out with friends, spending time with your outdoor hobbies, and bonding with your family. So, switch off from technology for part of your day and do something else with your time. You will benefit your life if you do!

Habit #3: Reusing the same passwords

It’s thanks to technology that we have so many passwords to remember. You probably have a password for your laptop/phone login, online banking, streaming service accounts, and your various other online subscriptions and shopping sites. If you use the same password for each, you run the risk of your accounts being compromised if you get hacked. Not only will the hacker benefit from your Netflix subscription but they may very well empty your bank account too!

To protect yourself and the various accounts you use, check out these password tips. Follow the advice within and keep the hackers out!

Do you have any other technology habits? If so, and especially if they aren’t good for you, do what you can to break them. Technology is a wonderful thing but care always needs to be taken. 


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