Top Tips for Maintaining Your Gardening Tools

Gardening isn’t simply putting seeds into the soil and cultivating them until they’re ripe for harvest. You’ll still have to nurture them using the correct gardening implements and ensure that the soil is as healthy as possible to nourish your plants.

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If you wish to properly maintain your garden, you’ll need to care for your implements properly. Here are some of the top tips you would need to consider.

Clean your tools after each use

This is a non-negotiable act. Every time you use your garden tools, you must clean them after use. You can either hose them down or wipe them clean or remove the clumps of soil, but you shouldn’t leave your tools unkempt. Cleaning them and wiping them dry will ensure that they will be ready for use the next time.

Store your tools in an accessible, dry area


Since you’ll use your garden tools frequently, it would be best if you store them in an accessible area. You could either hang them, place them inside a box, or put them inside a cabinet. Whatever works for you would be good as long as you know where to find the tools when you need them. You don’t want to leave them exposed to rain and sunlight because that would be a recipe for quick oxidation.

Clean and oil shears, knives and other implements regularly 

One of the best ways to care for your gardening tools is to rub oil on them periodically. You must ensure that the surfaces are clean of any sap, dust or grime before spreading oil and covering them properly. This would help you create a rust preventative layer that would keep your tools working longer.

Sharpen your tools regularly 

While it is true there are local speciality shops that can do the sharpening for you; it would be a great experience if you could do it yourself. Keeping the blades and tips sharpened can be quite therapeutic as it helps you focus on the task at hand. You can invest in a quality whetstone or any mechanical sharpening device. You’ll have to use them regularly to smoothen out any burrs and keep tools ready.

Inspect your handles


Some people neglect to care for the wooden handles. Routinely check for cracks or gaps and splintering on your wooden handles. You can either fill them appropriately or smoothen them out as the case may be. You can also apply oil to coat it and protect it from rot and moulds.


Caring for your garden tools is an important, non-negotiable task. You’ll have to properly maintain them to ensure that you can work on your garden regularly.

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