Tips For Preparing Your House For Winter

With temperatures dropping and the end of the year drawing near, it’s time to get your home ready for the winter. If you’ve ever been concerned about the cost-of-living crisis, getting on top of your maintenance can save you money on winter energy bills.

Though it may initially seem expensive, servicing your house for insulation and energy-saving is well worth the investment. If you are thinking about getting a loan, you should begin by improving your credit score in advance to improve your chances of being approved.

Service your boiler

The last thing you need when it gets colder is for your boiler to pack in. This is why you should have it serviced regularly to avoid breakdowns on chilly nights. You can feel confident that your boiler can keep up with your heating needs throughout winter and enjoy a cheaper energy bill.

While the model and age of your boiler will largely affect how efficiently it runs, regularly servicing it will significantly improve its reliability and efficiency. Not only can you keep your family warm, but gas engineers will perform safety checks on your boiler to see if it is leaking any harmful gases such as carbon monoxide.

Check windows and doors

Checking your doors and windows to ensure they are shut tightly and properly insulated will help you save on your heating bill. You should look out for signs such as cracks in the windowpane, condensation build-up and gaps around your doors.

If you feel draughts and cold spots or hear external noise, these are signs that you may need to invest in doubling glazing. Energy-efficient glazing will reduce heat loss and help keep your energy bills down this winter.

Lag your pipes

Lagging is another form of insulation and involves wrapping your water pipes with foam tubes to prevent them from freezing. It will also help any exposed hot water pipes stay warm, especially when running to unheated areas of your home.

Pipes that should be your focus are in the airing cupboard that runs to and from the boiler, as well as those under the sink and behind the bath panel. It is possible to source your insulation material and fit it yourself.

Service your roof

A quarter of the heat in your home is lost through an improperly insulated roof so insulating your loft is an effective way of reducing heat loss and the money spent on your heating bills. This investment should pay for itself throughout its lifetime.

Check for cracked or missing roof tiles that could lead to potential leaks and flooding. Water damage can lead to mould and mildew growth that leads to further problems.

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